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To send or not to send: Invitations to vendors

Just curious, I have read and researched and I don't know what is proper etiquette. Do you send invitations to vendors? The lady that is designing my invitations said she sent invitations to her florist, photographer, DJ, venue, caterer, videographer, hairstylist, makeup artist and cake lady. 

I am curious if anyone who is a vendor has an opinion on this or of course anybody who has sent out invitations.

Re: To send or not to send: Invitations to vendors

  • I think I am going to send them to the vendors, but I only have a photographer and DJ and cake lady.
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    Yessss. Coming from the vendor side not only is it a great triple check on location and directions but also it's another way for me to feel into the formality and personality of the wedding
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    image 7 Are coming; cameras in hand ready to party!
    image 5 Are missing out on the fun.
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    Seriously? People send to vendors? I'm paying you to be there and I'll happily provide you dinner but I don't see a need to send an invite to them...

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