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Prayer request, if I may (NWR)

Hi ladies of the Catholic board! While I know you all don't know me very well, I was wondering if it would be ok for me to put out a request for prayer. I am in the process of applying for jobs at the moment, and there is a very real possibility that at the end of the summer H and I will have to live separately (like, in different countries) for a while if neither of us gets a job. It's really beginning to stress me out.

We have both recently finished our doctorates and are struggling to find (semi)permanent positions of any sort. I just today applied for a 4-year research position in Norway, which would be absolutely ideal--relevant to my field, great for advancing my career, well paid, H could come with me and look for work there, and it would start mid-August. I have other applications for other research and teaching positions out there, but so far have not had any success, and it's becoming very discouraging. If any of you wouldn't mind praying for me and my husband, I would truly appreciate it.

I absolutely believe that God has great things in store for both of us but it is so hard sometimes to trust that that's the case when we can't see those things yet. Please pray for patience, for not letting stress and worry get to us, and ultimately for some sort of full-time employment. God bless!

Re: Prayer request, if I may (NWR)

  • Definitely praying for you!  My husband and I have lived separately pretty much the entire time we were dating and have been married, including in separate countries!  It's no fun, but it certainly strengthens your bond!

    Also, not that it helps too much, but my SIL's parents live in Norway right now and it is gorgeous.  That sounds like an awesome opportunity!



  • Thank you so much both of you. @professorscience thank you for sharing your experience! I can't imagine living separately for so long--I have to remember how lucky I am that we have been able to be together so far!
  • Prayers for you and your H.

    That is a tough decision for sure. DH and I lived apart for about 6 months right before and after our engagement. It was rough, but definitely strengthened our relationship in the long run. And it made us cherish the time when we did get to see each other. I am sure if you decide on doing the overseas positions, it will give you both a wealth of knowledge and world experience.
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  • Thank you for all of your prayers! I have an interview on Monday for a permanent post (not the Norwegian one but another good option).
  • Riss91Riss91 member
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    Sending prayers your way. H and I lived apart before we were married (different states AND different countries) and it is difficult, though not impossible. Please let us know how it all works out!
  • More prayers!  Job limbo is no fun... my husband has been in and out of co-ops and internships for the past two years of our marriage and the employment/benefits instability is not fun.  I hope that you will both ideally find positions that allow you to be together and if separated, not for too long!
  • Aray82Aray82 member
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    Prayers coming your way! My FI and I are graduation with or doctorates next year and might be in a similar position--we're just trying not to think about it until the time comes!
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