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Ceremony and/or cocktail hour music- Recommendations, PLEASE!

Hello, lovely ladies!

We are now officially on the hunt for musician(s) for both our ceremony, and our cocktail hour (being held at two different locations).  For the ceremony, we are looking for acoustic guitarist(s) and possibly other musicians to accompany the guitar, who can play modern songs (i.e., no classical- strictly 1940's to current era music).  For the cocktail hour, we would consider anything 'New Orleans', including brass bands, jazz bands, ragtime, blues, washboard, etc.

Any suggestions?  I am SCROUNGING on the internet for this, and I'm telling you, I thought it would be easy considering how  musical the city is, but I'm coming up relatively empty-handed!  I did post a request on Gigmasters, but we are really looking for LOCAL talent, and that site is suggesting people who are in Atlanta!  We can't afford to fly someone in.  This wedding is expensive enough, and it's small!  We need people who already live there. ;)

PLEASE HELP!  I'm trying to stay calm, but I don't know what I'm doing.

Thank you so much!

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Re: Ceremony and/or cocktail hour music- Recommendations, PLEASE!

  • Ring Casey Saba (SAY-buh).  He lives in the city.  Fine entertainer and a party guy.  985.373.2998
  • Also--Reg Sanders.  Lives in Hammond, plays in N.O. often.  He could assemble an affordable jazz combo (drums/bass/sax/keys/trumpet).  985.687.8379
  • Jerry Embree--worked with him at KSLU many moons ago.

  • The Courtyard Kings are great.  They can fit the bill for both of your needs.  http://courtyardkings.com/
  • We used the Courtyard Kings as well and they were perfect. They even played some Bowie in our prelude music, and learned a song I requested for the processional.
  • New Orleans Finest Musicians. We are working with Harry Hardin & he is putting together a jazz trio for our ceremony & just afterwards before our Second Line Band arrives. He even bought the sheet music for a special song that we requested. I have been impressed with his responsiveness.  They have a website

    Here is the link

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  • Ditto - we used New Orleans Finest Musicians for our ceremony music.  Harry is GREAT to work with.  Super professional and works with wonderful musicians...
  • Thank you guys so much for the suggestions!  I will check into all of them. 

    I really had my heart set on something contemporary for the ceremony (I am just not a 'Canon In D' kind of girl!), and I have been looking and looking for acoustic guitar players and they're so hard to find!  I am more of an indie-folk-guitar-mixed-with-Mumford-&-Sons kind of person.  For our cocktail hour, I really wanted something fun (I was leaning towards Tuba Skinny or Smoking Time Jazz Club, but I fear they may be a bit out of our budget for just an hour of play time) that would get everyone excited.  I'm afraid a 'jazz trio' is going to be too stuffy, and while I LOVE the idea of a brass band, I may be the only one I know who is into that and it might be a TEENSY bit loud for the space. 

    We aren't doing a second line to anywhere, since the venues are close together but also on the edge of a not-so-great crime area.  I still wanted the upbeat energy of one, though, even though we will all be inside. I like the idea of bands like Tuba Skinny, who play that old-fashioned jazz-type music from the 20's.  It's a little dirty, there's hand-clapping, foot-stomping. 

    Why is this so difficult?  I love music!  This is supposed to be the fun part. ;)

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  • Agree with Harry Hardin. He has a lot of the songs on the website. He will make it easy. We are using I'm Kissing You by Des'ree for the bridal processional.
  • Check out youtube.  Tanya and Dorise- street performers guitar and violin duo.  
    They have a website also just google
    They are absolutely amazing.  No vocals.  Violin sings!  
    As a musician and music lover myself, I came across them on my first trip to New Orleans.  
    I am a huge fan. 
    My experience would not have been the same if I did not have them.  They played for cocktail hour.
    Even if they are not what you are looking for you may catch them on the street.
    Very professional, excellent communication.  I had absolutely no concerns or worries.
  • Oh, I loved them!  I had already checked into them, and they wanted a TREMENDOUS amount of money for our ceremony.  I didn't want to be insulting when we corresponded, but it was just WAY out of our budget for 90 minutes of performing.  They wanted more than a 6-piece band quoted us for our cocktail hour!  I was really disappointed, but for those of you who can afford it, they were exactly what I was looking for, and their sound is just amazing.  You're so lucky!
    -We've jointly decided to medicate any future marital discord with food.-
  • Would you mind telling me what Tanya and dorise quoted you? I'm considering them for my ceremony, but I don't want to venture down that road if they are out of my price range
  • We have used Fine Arts Ensemble for our ceremony and were very happy with our choice. Actually, our planner recommended them because they could play both classical and contemporary selections without charging arm and leg. Dimitri, the owner, is a super nice guy. I called him on a busy Monday morning while I was at work, and was presented with a recommendation, quote, and a contract within 15 minutes of my initial inquiry, while others took days to respond. Highly recommended! You can call them 504.931.5450 or find them here on the Knot. ~Pat

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    Jewban, I will send you a private message regarding price range
  • I also used New Orleans Finest Musicians (Harry Hardin) for our ceremony music.  Highly recommended.  As for your cocktail hour music, depends on whether you want something like a string quartet, jazz band, etc.  You could always get a brass band too.  Just check out any of the local groups like Hot 8, Dirty Dozen, Soul Rebels, etc.
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    We used Tanya and Dorise as well, and they were great. I agree they surprised me with their cost, but they had such a unique sound we decided to go ahead with them. We only used them for our ceremony, so they played before we began and during the ceremony.  With the limited time we needed them for, the cost was not that bad. They were very easy to work with, and responsive to my emails.  They also had an impressive music list, and even learned a few newer songs that we requested so I was very happy with our choice to use them.
  • Hi there! I just contacted Tonya and Doris for them to play at our ceremony as well do you mind sharing what they quoted you? Thank you!!!!
  • Tanya and Dorise are AMAZING but they are expensive...$1500/hour. I just heard from them the other day. They really are outstanding though.
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