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Hi Ladies, I have a bit of a dilemma. We are having a beach themed wedding and my fiance has worked very hard on making a surf board coffee table for our guests to sign. BUT we also have big sea shells that will be put on the guests table with specials pens to leave a message/well wishes. I am trying to come up with wording for a sign that we only want our guests to sign their NAME on the surfboard and leave a message on the sea shells.( we don't want some of our crazy friends/family to write a huge inappropriate message on what will be our coffee table) I am having trouble wording this. So far I have something along the lines of :

Please sign your name on this table,

for the newlyweds to remember you,

But please save your message for your seat,

there is another thing for you to do!

Any ideas are welcome... 3 weeks to go!! Thank you!

Re: Signing and Messages

  • I think "sign your name" and "write a message" will be most helpful to your guests. No need for rhyming. Just be straightforward.
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  • even with the signing and message area being in 2 different areas? the table will be outside and the seashells will be inside on the tables...
  • I think you should just put "sign your name" on the surfboard area and "write a message for the newlyweds" on the table, maybe a small tent card?  "There is another thing for you to do" sounds confusing.  It's not rocket science (which I do to my Iron man suit).
  • I agree with Stark.  And to give guests a visual help, maybe have your immediate family (mom, dad, brothers, sisters, etc) go ahead and sign it so guests will see there are no messages being written on the board. 
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  • Maybe have a few family members or wedding party members do it first as examples

     I trump all the Kitties with cuteness!!! Bhahahahaha!!!

  • Weddings are SERIOUS business, Stark. No jokes allowed.

    @Blondebird2013, just make two different signs, one for each "task". They sound very cute.
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  • Yeah I think you should just have simple straightforward instructions. And just be prepared for some people to write a message on the table too or to just sign the shell. Stuff like that always happens, and it's not a big deal unless you let it get to you.
  • I agree that the poem is kind of confusing. Can the shells be near the board? Also, we did a thumbprint tree & I had a bunch of leaves for ppl to write messages on, but no one really did! Ha I think your sign will help.

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