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June 2013 Weddings

weather for June 8 in NJ

OH GOD...just started hysterically crying woke up this morning and all the weather channels on TV and net say rain!! NO NO NO all I want is pics on the beach for this beach wedding.....dam I picked the wrong date...why didn't I pick this weekend we are in

Re: weather for June 8 in NJ

  • It is going to be okay. You still have another week for the forecast to change. Maybe if it does rain it will only be the morning or off and on during the day and you can still have a gorgeous wedding! It's going to be okay. And you will look beautiful and get to marry your man!
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  • You cant control weather and you should always have a back up plan so set that up now!. Plus it is good luck for it to rain on your wedding day. i am getting married june 8th in ct and looks like it will rain some but the forecast changes every minute. Cant stress yourself out because the weather it will be fine!

    I seen wedding pictures with rain and they had umbrellas it was super cute
  • mine said rain up until a few days before my NJ wedding! Instead everyone bitched and complained how hot it was. 
    Don't freak out yet!
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  • Ditto boom boom-  I was even thinking of running to Marshall's or TJ's today and looking for some umbrella's with fun prints to have just in case.  If no rain next week, I can always return them!
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  • With Tropical Storm Andrea on her way (or already here based on today) I would buy some like @ciligirl said.  They can always be returned if they weren't used. :)

    Have a great wedding this weekend girls!
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