Wegman's florist?

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Hi ladies! Has anyone ever gotten flowers through Wegman's? Weighing that as an option for my wedding next year. Thanks!

Re: Wegman's florist?

  • I've been warned against using them because you never know who is going to work on your flowers.  It's not like a florist who owns their own business and meets with you and then arranges your flowers.  The florist who my friend first met left the store and of course she was never told about it. The one who replaced her did not do her flowers as the previous florist and she had planned.  The flowers weren't horrible, just not what she had wanted.  She was disappointed.  So I didn't want to take a chance and go that route.
  • Personally I wouldn't go this route, but if you do I highly suggest you visit Bruce at the Collegeville store (I'm almost positive he's at Collegeville, it might be the Malvern store though). He's the manager of the floral department and is insanely talented.
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