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Ivory?? HELP!!!

So, I found my dress today (YAY) and it is ivory. I'm sure there are some strong opinions on this, but I need help. Do I have the table linens be ivory as well? And what about the groomsmen's shirts?!?! I don't care if it matches, I just don't want it to clash. HELP!!!

Re: Ivory?? HELP!!!

  • And just thought of this: chair rentals are white...
  • Maggie0829Maggie0829 Ravens & Bohs & Crabs & O's member
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    Why do you feel the need to match your linens to your dress?  Do you think a guest will grab the tablecloth or a chair cover and hold it up to your dress to make sure everything is the same shade of ivory? 

    You are overthinking this.  Ivory, white, champage are all neutrals and all coordinate nicely together.

    mlg78[Deleted User]
  • I don't think the table cloths need to be ivory but I think the grooms shirt should be. I disagree that it looks dirty in pictures, but you can tell the difference when standing next to a pure white shirt and a ivory dress (at least I can) my dress is candlelight satin (ivory) my future husband and his groomsmen will all be in ivory shirts. 

    Congrats on finding the dress! :)
  • GiaspoGiaspo member
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    I prefer the groom in a white shirt. I don't think the linens matter much. In my siggy, my gown is ivory and his shirt is white. It looks much crisper and clean. My friend got married and her H's bow tie and vest were ivory. Honestly it looked yellow against his shirt and was much more ivory than her gown.  If you choose ivory, that works too. Just depends on what you like. 
  • mcda04mcda04 member
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    I wore an ivory dress and my husband had a white shirt. You can't tell the difference. Ivory photographs white. Your linens do not have to match your dress.
  • Thanks everyone! I was having a slight (aka major) panic because I hadn't considered how an ivory dress would affect my other colors. I'm just going to keep w/ white. Thanks again!!!
  • Where did you find your groomsmen's ivory shirts? I am having such a hard time~!
  • @alexismuckerman, I believe most salons have an ivory shirt option. I personally think white shirts look so much cleaner and nicer, however.
  • I don't think they have to match....most ivory dresses I've looked at look white to the eye anyway. White shirts etc would just compliment you gown, not clash

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