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Can't use hay bales for ceremony!! Need new idea!!

The wedding is at the grooms grandparents lake house, so all the land is downhill! And the. Grandfather is anal about his grass!' I need a new idea! Help please!

Re: Can't use hay bales for ceremony!! Need new idea!!

  • Is there no level area at all? We did our ceremony in the back yard of my dad's lakehouse. We weren't right on the water, but we were able to use normal chairs and nobody had to struggle up and down the slope below the corp line. Does the grandfather have any suggestions?
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  • If it's too steep for chairs or benches, and the owner is picky about the grass, you should probably find a new venue.
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  • It's not very steep, the regular chair would work just wa going to try to get a few opinions! It's still open to discussion for the hay bales. And we're not right right on the water but pretty close. And one of the reasons I want to to do it there is for the lake afterwords for the reception! And we're not having to pay for a venue or reception place!
  • And we're not having to pay for a venue or reception place!

    Be very careful approaching an atypical venue this way. Rentals, extra toilet set-ups, etc can really add up and get more expensive than a typical venue. Are you renting tents or is there a large enough space to move everyone inside if you get a rainstorm? Have you looked into wedding insurance to compliment any homeowners insurance the grandfather has? Is there suitable parking for guest cars? Have you looked into whether you need an event permit with any local municipalities?

    I'm not trying to rain on your parade, just pointing out there might be more at issue than ceremony seating.
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  • I would rent folding chairs and skip the hay bales.  If grandpa won't let you have chairs, I would find another venue.  

    Hay bales are usually very uncomfortable. they have no back, and the will snag people's clothes.  Also, a LOT of people are wildly allergic to hay.  Even with covers, you run the risk of someone leaving your wedding with an asthma attack or hives.
  • Definitely do chairs if chairs are an option.  It's just so much easier for everybody.
  • lay a towel or blanket under the bales so the hay wont get into the grass if thats what he's concerned about.  I would tell him if any of the bales kill the grass i would personally come over after the wedding to lay some seed for him.

    If he's that anal about his grass, i hope you arent having your reception at his place too or else all the garbage everywhere afterwards might go over worse. 
  • Hay bales are only good for sitting on if you have no other choice for somewhere to sit.  Your elderly or back-injured guests will be in agony 10 minutes into your ceremony.  I personally have a back injury, and if I arrived at your ceremony to see nothing but hay bales, I'd have to leave.  It's either that, or spend the rest of the week stuck on the couch in pain.

    Rent chairs, it's more courteous for your guests.
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