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Well ladies it's been a while since I've been here, just wanted to update you all. As you know my wedding was suppose to be this Friday but it's not going to happen we are going to postpone til July 21. Now here's the DRAMA! First the venue tells me two weeks ago that they scheduled a meeting to take place in the ballroom and would end an hour before our ceremony was to start! Whea dey do dat at? Then she tells me that we have to come after th meeting has ended to tie our own chair sashes cause their staff dont know how to do so! So this meant I would have to cut my first reveal photo time down to set up for my reception!?! Oh hell to nah needless to say I told them to kiss my you know what and i will find another space that's less complicated. Ok now besides that we had paid off every vendor except venue due to not having the total til head count was given now my mom was suppose to pay for venue well the day comes and I tell her the 80% that was to be paid and she flips out like oh I dont have it WHAT!?!?! so even though we were canceling with this venue anyway because how unprofessional they were we would have be stuck paying the full total ourselves. At first I was a complete and tolal wreck I mean crying all over the damn place lol but I am fine now we have a new venue thats great I was able to change the date with all my vendors except the limo which is fine because FI birthday is the day after wedding was suppose to be so on the 14th we are just goong to celebrate his bday still and have a great time. Whew!!! Sorry so long
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