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Officiant help!

So our pastor just informed us that he has to be out of town for family things on our wedding date.  We're getting married Nov. 9 so we still have some time, but now I am starting to panic.  Do any of y'all have someone you could recommend?  This is the pastor my FI has known most of his life and I didn't grow up here so there is no one meaningful to me in this area who can marry us.  I don't even know where to begin to look at this point.

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Re: Officiant help!

  • In the state of Colorado a couple can solemnize their own marriage.  You can ask some family members to say something or choose someone close to you both to "guide" the ceremony.  You can ask the clerk at the office where you get your marriage license for the additional paperwork.  It's supposed to be pretty easy. 

    Good luck and best wishes.
  • Just thought I would mention that there is no "additional paperwork" for solemnizing your own marriage in Colorado. You simply both sign your names on the Officiant line of the certificate, and write "Self" in the Officiant Title spot. Easy as pie, and anyone can say anything at your "wedding" if you are having a big (or small) ceremony.
  • The Clerk & Recorder's Office in your area should have a list with officiants in your area.  That information might even be online if you live in a larger area when the County has a good website.

  • Have you thought about having a family member do the ceremony for you?  That's what my FI and I are going to do.  We are from out of town, so we don't have a relationship with any pastors in that area.  That way it still has a personal feel instead of a pastor you don't know.
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