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My wedding is just around the corner and FI and I are trying to come up with a place to do our first look photos.  We wanted to have them done at Gouveia vineyards, and got permission, but we cannot use the indoor area, and if it rains that won't work.  We were then looking into Choate Rosemary Hall which would give us indoor and outdoor options, but it's up in the air whether or not we will get permission.  So, we are on the hunt again.  Looking for somewhere that would provide us with an indoor and outdoor option in the event of rain.  Getting ready locations are wallingford/north haven, and ceremony and reception are in Derby, CT.  So, anywhere in between or surrounding either of those areas would be great.

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  • I know it sounds corny, but if its a light drizzle, do you use really pretty umbrellas with maybe your date on top or your monogram? I have seen also of custom umbrellas used so brides can get the outside shots they want with a cute feature. Even matching cute rain boots. I know its not ideal but in the long run it could be fun?!?

    Also I would talk to your photographer/video/DOC/Venue Coordinator ask them if they know if any places as well to prepare for the rain.
  • Our photographer gave us some ideas.  She said something about using a public library or city hall.  Maybe you get out the ones in North Haven/Wallingford.  She looks for places that has an overhang.  I know in Meriden, Hubbard Park has a pavilion and beautiful grounds.  
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    We did our ephotos at Hubbard Park.  However, it looks like using Choate is going ot work out!
  • As a past bride who had a downpour and no backup for photos I did the umbrellas and it was great. We took photos outside when the rain was lighter and we got amazing pictures. Even when it was drizzling & I didn't use the umbrella I got a little wet but made sure to have a hair & makeup that held up through it all. We got umbrellas off amazon & I had the clear bubble umbrellas for the girls and basic black umbrellas for the guys with a wooden handle. Totally worked out great. Ps tide to go gets mud out of your dress.
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    Jager I think I saw your photos on RAWs website, stunning! I'm assuming you have heard about sad! Not sure who is gonna be shooting our wedding next weekend now, we were using RAW too.
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