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Different bridesmaids dresses?

Hello again!

Has anyone gone with different dresses for their bridesmaids? I think I'm going to have them all pick their own dresses. I know I want them to have the same fabric and length (satin and above the knee) but I'm not sure if I should tell them to all aim for the same color or give them each a shade to find. My worry is that I've seen variation in what Plum is between different designers but since I only have 3 girls I didn't know if different shades of purple would work. Has anyone had their bridesmaids mismatch or have an opinion on what would look better?

Re: Different bridesmaids dresses?

  • jnissajnissa
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    I'm both having my bridesmaids mismatch (everybody's in white, but they can pick their own dress as long as it's sort-of knee length) and been in a color mismatch. With the color mismatch, the key was communication - we all sent pics of the dresses we were thinking back and forth to make it work. There were seven of us and it ended up fine - but part of it is going to be dependent on your bridesmaids putting in the effort, for sure. Almost every mismatch I've seen has ended up looking amazing though. 
  • jnissajnissa
    100 Love Its 100 Comments First Anniversary Name Dropper
    Oh, you know what - this is actually important, probably. In both my wedding and the mis-match dress wedding I was in, there was guidance. Both the other bride and I showed the bridesmaids the shoes and jewelry early so that they had an idea of what the feel was and what their dress would need to go with. I'm thinking that helped a lot. 
  • I told my girls to pick a long, satin, navy blue, Bill Levkoff gown. Between the 5 of them, there were 3 different dresses and honestly, you could barely even notice they were all different. It looked great. And they loved that they could each pick something that fit their style.

  • lfelllfell
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    I'm also doing a pick your own dress with one specific color.. mine is white. Someone mentioned guidance and that is definitely helpful. Even with a basic color like white.. some people have completely different feelings on what that is (ivory, cream, etc.). I would just be specific and give some examples of colors you'd like them to stick with. Good luck!
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