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Alternative to table numbers

Hi Ladies,

Just wondering if anyone has any creative ideas as an alternative to table numbers. I'm just trying to make it a little more fun than just traditional numbers. Any ideas are appreciated!

TIA! :)
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Re: Alternative to table numbers

  • <div>what was the website you used?? I'm trying to do something similar but instead were going to use street names of places we went to together when we were engaged...Any help will be greatly appreciated </div><div>
    </div>In Response to <a href="http://forums.theknot.com/Sites/theknot/Pages/Main.aspx/wedding-boards_reception-ideas_alternative-table-numbers?plckFindPostKey=Cat:Wedding%20BoardsForum:5Discussion:d368529f-2835-4323-8474-577436c9557ePost:344e3ab0-7b40-4fa5-bf87-10cf51640885">Re: Alternative to table numbers</a>:
    [QUOTE]We're having a Chicago themed wedding and have decided to name each table after a street we've lived on.  I even found a place that can make miniature replica street signs for the tables.
    Posted by jbenbe28[/QUOTE]
  • In Response to <a href="http://forums.theknot.com/Sites/theknot/Pages/Main.aspx/wedding-boards_reception-ideas_alternative-table-numbers?plckFindPostKey=Cat:Wedding%20BoardsForum:5Discussion:d368529f-2835-4323-8474-577436c9557ePost:44695861-d4df-4d5e-a189-ddb9e9916cd3">Re: Alternative to table numbers</a>:
    [QUOTE]what was the website you used?? I'm trying to do something similar but instead were going to use street names of places we went to together when we were engaged...Any help will be greatly appreciated  In Response to Re: Alternative to table numbers :
    Posted by SoonToBeMrsFlores11[/QUOTE]

    </div><div>Yes, what was the website you used? Can you share with me as well?</div>
  • Hello everyone. I am having a detroit theme wedding. I too would like to know what company or website you guys found to make the mini replica street signs for the tables??? Any feedback you can give would be greatly appreciated:)
  • RaeH42RaeH42 member
    I'm doing a picture frame and the picture will have the table number and whatever table number it is, it will contain a picture of me and my fiance at that age. So for table number 1, there will be a picture of my fiance at 1 and me at 1. I saw it on pinterest and it looked so cute and it also gives my mom and his mom something to do! :)
  • I'm doing names of our most memorable dates instead of table numbers.  So a table called "Niagara Falls" and one called "Pig Catching" (that was a great date) . . .
  • You can do song lyrics that mean something to you so "i'd die for her, and she'd live for me"-cowboys and angels. Then when the song plays, that table knows it's time to go to dinner!
  • MobKazMobKaz Chicago suburbs member
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    My daughter and her fiance did this.  Many of the guests commented as to how much they enjoyed it.   Their table numbers jumped from 11 to 15, however.   Neither of them cared for any of the pictures taken during their middle school years!

    We found frames at The Dollar Store that worked perfectly for this format.  The left side had a single, vertical space which fit a 3 X 5 picture.  That's where they placed the table number.  The right side had two horizontal spaces, laying one one top the other, which fit a 3 X 2 picture.

    It was a fun project for all of us.  We took it a tad too far, however, and made a bit more work for ourselves.  In addition to matching the age, we tried to "match" the occasion/theme of the photo. For example, their age 5 photo showed each on their "first day of school", age 7 were both Halloween pictures, etc.  Yep....we were nuts!
  • Our centerpieces are stacks of classic books. So, our tables "numbers" will be the names of famous literary couples. :)

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  • ElcaBElcaB member
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    To help you decide, consider the overall theme or concept of your wedding or what you're like as a couple. For example, my cousin's wife is Indian and her culture was a huge part of the wedding, so they named each table after a spice. The possibilities are endless! If you were having a rustic theme, you could use the names of flowers or trees. If you and your fiance are movie buffs, you could use titles of your favorite romance movies with a favorite quote from each at the bottom, etc. etc. 
  • Zombie thread!

    I prefer numbers just to eliminate confusion and guests wandering around and squinting at table names and possibly bumping into one another and spilling drinks. Usually, numbered tables are in some sort of order.

    I think the alphabet would be cute, as that would also be in order, and you could do:

    is for Annapolis, where [groom] was born

    is for...

    Etc, etc.

  • Gah, I didn't notice it was a zombie thread!
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