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Getting in Shape

3 day detox

I'm going wedding dress shopping on Saturday. I found a 3 day detox on Pinterest which consist of 3 green smoothies a day to replace every meal for 3 days. I'm not thinking of doing the detox to drop a few pounds or anything but just to feel less bloated when trying on a dress. Does this sound crazy? Or a good idea?

Re: 3 day detox

  • I could see replacing one meal with it each day, but not every meal.  You won't do well cutting out nearly all protein for three days in a row.  Plus, you'd essentially have to rely on doing the detox for every fitting and before the wedding to ensure the same type of fit.


    You would be much better tracking your micros, especially sodium, and just eating very healthy food.  Things like plain chicken breasts will be much better for you.

  • I agree with PP. You'd have to do this before every fitting, and ultimately, the three days leading up to your wedding. I'd much rather focus on eating good, real, protein rich foods rather than being hangry for my rehearsal dinner and the final days before the wedding.
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  • At one point in the past I tried the 2 day smoothie/juice thing and got through about 36 hours. It gave me a massive headache, made me feel super unsteady/shaky, and made me suuuper cranky and angry. 

    Wedding dress shopping (for me at least) was already a super long, super tiring day, and I certainly wouldn't recommend going in to it feeling less than stellar - you might just end up feeling miserable for the whole time, and that's probably not how you want to feel that day!
  • Okay thank you for the advice. I won't do the detox but stick to eating healthier foods (which i should be doing anyway lol). Thank you again!
  • Okay thank you for the advice. I won't do the detox but stick to eating healthier foods (which i should be doing anyway lol). Thank you again!
    Great choice! It'll benefit you better to skip any detox/smoothie diets. It's alright to have smoothies, but not as an every meal replacement.
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  • If you're talking about the Dr. Oz detox I did it and lost (and kept off) the weight, but I think it's because I'm super sensitive to foods and it cut out gluten, dairy, and soy. It's a TON of kale, though.  I had horrible headaches because I generally eat a lot of protein and I think the almond milk and butter wasn't cutting it. I ended up quitting the diet half way through day 3 and just continuing to avoid the culprits. They say it helps kick start weight loss because you absorb more nutrients from the fruit/veggies when they're blended, so my suggestion is to try doing a smoothie every morning instead.
  • I think thats just too much and its going to be very hard. I think replacing one meal would be a better choice.
  • Broccoli may cause bloat, but there is nothing in this world that could make me stop eating it. It is mine and DH's favorite veggie.
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