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Outdoor Venues in Columbia, SC

I am recently engaged and have been searching online for the perfect venue for our wedding.  We haven't had much luck online so I thought I'd see if anyone had heard of any simple outdoor spaces in or near Columbia, SC.  We are looking for either a pavilon, a barn, or a garden with the option of renting a tent.  We were going to do a backyard wedding but fear of rain has had us scurry elsewhere.  We don't need a caterer on sight (and would perfer not to have that) but we would love it to come complete with seating and tables (with or without coverings).  I've found some great options in the surrounding areas but Columbia just doesn't seem to have anything I can find anyway.  Help!

Re: Outdoor Venues in Columbia, SC

  • Have you looked at local parks?

    You might have better luck from your local board, use the drop down menu to the right to find it.
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