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Wedding Checklist Confusion

I've decided that wedding checklists are the devil! Not because they aren't helpful but because they cause way too much anxiety AND none of them have the same timelines. I hate that everytime I go to check off something on my wedding to-do list it tells me that I'm woefully behind on 15 items whereas the app on my phone has the same items listed to do a month from now, but reminds me that I'm behind on everything else. UGH!! Add that to my already heightened anxieties that something is going to go wrong, and I go into detail checking overload. My darling fiance is great at diffusing the stress but I even get slightly irritated that he can remain so calm sometimes. I'm far from a bridezilla, but I can see where all of the conflicting timelines and the (seemingly) millions of tiny details could drive a girl over the edge... especially if she doesn't have her guy determined to be smack in the middle of the planning process to alleviate some of the stress and run interference. Luckily, he knows exactly when to step in with a glass of wine and a "It's going to work out fine, everything will be perfect. Just breathe"  Now, if I can only heed that advice, I might not dread the checklists everyday!
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Re: Wedding Checklist Confusion

  • I started to use the one on TK but found I had the same problem.  So instead I made my own spreadsheet with dates, using TK for guidelines, and I have managed to not be so stressed about it!
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  • Ohhhh yes!!!! And tk phone app and tk website are different too!!! I just use tk for the iPhone and let it roll... I have a big feeling of forgetting something tho and I can't quite figure out what it is...
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  • Thanks for the advice! I'm going to have to go back to using just the one checklist. I usually stick to my phone app, but lately I've been working on seating arrangements on TK so I've been paying attention to the checklist here too which had me stressing.  It's kinda like passing by a bad wreck on the highway - you know you shouldn't look and really don't want to but you just have to check it anyway. Between that and the fact that earlier this week I realized that my wedding is less than 4 months away, I've been overly anxious. I fear that the dress won't come in in time for alterations. Hopefully as soon as I get the call that it's in, I'll be able to not let the little things get to me as easily.


    @ jenphotochick -- I've got that same fear that I'm going to leave out a major component & not realize it until the day of. Maybe that explains my obsession with the checklist lately. LOL 

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  • @alisonmarie658 - Yeah, the theme for my wedding is "My tribute to all things PURPLE and SILVER!  Oh, and come see me get hitched!!  Then after, let's eat tasty Italian food and drink wine and beer!!  YAYS!!!"


    Well, the first part I'm totally kidding about!

    I think I was stressed when I first started.  Once I booked the ceremony and reception site and bought the dress, I've just kind of stopped giving two craps.  Yeah, I have things to get done still (my shoes, my mom bought the crinoline pattern today, make the veil, alterations), but...it all seems so minor.

    That or, I'm procrastinating because I still don't have fecking invitations. 

    That's probably it. 

  • Try not to worry about it too much and as mentioned above, just follow one list instead of multiple. With careful planning, you will be able to get it all done! 
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