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June 2013 Weddings

June Firsties!


How are you? How did your day go... I've been dieing to hear details! Was it amazing? Would you have changed anything? Any advice for the rest of us?!!



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Re: June Firsties!

  • You rang?? ;)

    It was absolutely not perfectly perfect!
    So many things went wrong but everyone had a blast and at the end of the day I was married to my best friend! ♥

    It was hot...like 90+ degrees hot and everyone complained! 
    Our ceremony was short and sweet, no lie about 8 minutes long :)

    Timing was perfect in regards to makeup, photographer showing up, the limo driver showing up, arriving at the park, pictures, reception and everything!

    The reception site seemed to have a lot wrong.  They didn't follow our seating chart and put 7 chairs at each table so some tables needed more chairs.  A few of my DIY things weren't set out like they were supposed to be and the DJ was still setting up at the start of cocktail hour when I was told he was going to arrive at 1:00- 4 hours before everything started.

    The DJ messed a few things up here and there, mainly in the beginning with our entrance songs but as the night went on things got better.  The dance floor stayed pretty busy and I totally got cake smashed..haha.

    Here is a link to my sneak preview on my photographers facebook if you wanna take a look!


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  • Just getting back from my honeymoon now!

    Ditto what @blueikaos said pretty much.  It was 90 degrees but at the Charles River in Boston we had a gorgeous breeze which kept everyone just cool enough.  Everything went "seamlessly" according to our families and guests, a couple of things went wrong for DH and I (first dance had wrong version of song, linens weren't exactly as we agreed, our cake stand broke at the rehearsal and it was too hot to wear my gorgeous Christian Louboutins).  Otherwise, we were so lucky and wonderfully blessed to have 3 days of amazing weather and events.  I can't believe we're back home and its over.

    My one word of advice is: it is pretty much impossible to spend any quality time with anyone that day (except your new DH), don't feel bad, just embrace it and feel the love of all the people who have gathered to celebrate the two of you!
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