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Stretch for hip flexors?

Anyone have tips for stretching out the hip flexors? Mine are getting quite tight from regular running, sometimes it hurts to walk :(

Re: Stretch for hip flexors?

  • -Butterflies (though don't go flapping your knees, just do a few seconds pushing hard to the ground, then relax, and repeat)
    -pigeon (my absolute favorite of these) http://www.womenshealthmag.com/yoga/pigeon

  • Uh, not to be picky, but some of those pics from xcaly's link aren't hip flexor stretches, they're more exercises for them. I'd recommend the kneeling one or I sometimes even do the yoga pose that keeps your legs on the ground and stretches through the abs and hip flexors, that way you can get at the insertion that is deep at the top of the hip bones.
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  • GiaspoGiaspo member
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    I agree with ptrose... I like the kneeling stretch and also the yoga pose. The kneeling stretch can go deeper as you lean forward, raise your arm up (the one over the hip you are stretching) and lean gently back. Then to the opposite side for outer hip. The cobra is good but you kind of have to shimmy it a little to get to the hip flexor.

    My PT gave me a good one but its not easy as you need a counter or hard bed. Lie on your back close to the edge, then let your leg drop off and gently pull it back grabbing your ankle in your hand. Not easy and only sometimes worth it. 

    She also taught me that hip flexors will take the brunt of other weak or tight muscles so try to stretch everything (hammies, quads, ITB, etc). 
  • Thanks ladies! I've been doing the kneeling one but wondered if there was something I was missing. I did a google search before posting and came up with the same article as xcalygrl. I usually have IT band issues but they haven't seemed to be too bad since I started running more. I've been lifting regularly lately so hopefully my legs will conitnue to get stronger and my hip flexors won't be such as issue. Thanks for the advice.
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