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Exposing fraudulent vendor?

As some of you know, we had some issues with one of our vendors who took (a very large sum of) our money and didn't provide the services that were promised.  I have been trying to be nice, but this vendor is not responding to that.  In fact, his email response included some name-calling and other not so nice things to say about me.  He promised to send me a refund for the services he didn't provide but that was almost 6 weeks ago and so far, no money.  I'm not surprised. 

I've contacted the Savannah Chamber of Commerce to let them know that he is taking money and not providing services.  They asked me for his contact info and that's the last I heard from them.  I've been waiting to leave reviews anywhere so I can include the outcome of the whole refund fiasco.  I recently contacted a few news outlets to see if any of them do investigations/exposes of fraudulent businesses, like they do here.  I am waiting for replies.  I also recently filed a complaint with the BBB, but they can't force him to refund our money, and he has an A+ rating with them anyway so even this one black mark won't do much.

Of course, I know I can pursue this in court, but that would entail me paying a couple thousand dollars to travel back down to Savannah, and I'd only get back a couple hundred dollars at most. While I am not a vindictive person, A) I want my dang money back for the services I paid for and didn't receive and B) I want this @-hole to be punished for his horrible service, for calling me names, and for stringing me along when he could have just cut me a check and been done with it.  But no.... he had to be a jerk and drag this out, and I think the whole world needs to know exactly what kind of "man" he is so they know what they're getting into if they decide to entrust him with the biggest day of their lives.  I know *I* certainly never would have hired him if I knew he had taken money from brides and never provided what he promised, and then when they tried to get their money back, he resorted to calling them names. 

Any ideas for other avenues before I go to the courts?
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Re: Exposing fraudulent vendor?

  • Contact the Governor's office directly.  Trust me when I tell you they've heard of him.  He only has an A+ rating with the BBB because he keeps changing his business name.  You could consider writing an editorial to the Savannah Morning News.  I'm also going to send you a PM with a few names of people for you to contact.  I hope you get it all settled soon.  I'm sorry your day was ruined.  

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  • Thanks for the info, and for the PM!

    I can't say our day was ruined, because I did end up with an amazing husband.  :-)  We also had an AWESOME reception, a kick-butt photographer who took some great photos, and 4 days in the most beautiful city with our loved ones.  You really can't complain about that.  Are there things I wish had been different?  Of course.  I won't lie about that.  And I'm not going to let one dillhole put a permanent black mark on our special day..... but that doesn't mean I'm going to let him get away with what he has done, either.  ;-)
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    58 invited image | 17 love destination weddings image
    20 can't make it image | 21 don't know what to do with a RSVP card image
    RSVP Deadline: March 8th
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