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Getting in Shape

Monday accountability

Morning everyone!

Happy wedding week @swimmy1988!

Food has been pretty on target, and workouts have been good.  Today will be a p90x arm day, whenever I can make myself saunter down to the gym.  I also tried the banana oatmeal almond smoothie recipe last night that's been floating around on pinterest.  It made for a great and filling meal, though it was a little too banana-y for me, so I may add a dab of peanut butter or even chocolate syrup to add some additional flavor today.  Either way - totally recommend it for anyone looking for a change (as long as you like bananas :) .)

Have a great day everyone!

Re: Monday accountability

  • Morninggggg!

    Food was decent yesterday minus the cupcake(s). I made homemade chocolate with cream cheese frosting and home made lemon with vanilla frosting. They were divine (well the lemon was) chocolate was just good.

    5 miles was good - pace at 8:22 which considering there are some decent hills I'm okay with it. Today I'm gonna get 2-3 miles in before I lift tonight.

    Happy monday! have a great wedding week @swimmy1988!
  • Ugh, Monday.

    My weekend was meh. I worked out everyday, but my eating was horrible. But I did grill a bunch of chicken and pre cook some veggies, so I plan to get myself back on track this week.

    This morning I went out for a run. Trots cut me short at 2.5 miles, but that's okay. I made the mistake of wearing long sleeves and it was way hotter than I had anticipated. 

    For anyone who doesn't read the weekend accountability, I registered for my first half marathon over the weekend too. So I need to get myself running more again. So my summer/fall race line up is currently slated at two sprint tris, one Olympic tri, and one half marathon. Hopefully I survive.

    Also, we got our pro pic sneak peek. Yay!

    Happy wedding week @Swimmy1988!
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  • Thanks everyone! I'm pretty excited!
    Actually I'm on the bus to my hometown now then we'll head to the town where our wedding will be on Friday!

    Yesterday was pretty good. I was under calories by a lot though (700ish). So hopefully today will be closer to my calorie goal.

    Also trying body pump tomorrow! My sister is going with me, and she's done body pump before so she can help me set up.
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  • Happy wedding week Swimmy!

    My weekend was pretty crazy busy. Friday I didn't get any intentional exercise in, but I was still under on calories.

    Saturday I snuck off to the gym before getting started working on the house. Turns out I could have probably skipped that session. By the end of the day Saturday, I had only eaten 1,000 calories and had burned well over 3,000. I tried to make up for it when I finally got back to my apartment, but still was over 800 calories low.

    Sunday I hopped on the scale and my eyes almost bugged out of my head seeing an almost 5 lb. drop. It has been SO LONG since I've seen significant weight loss, I could have cried I was so happy. I know some of it will probably come back on, but it was still nice to see the scale drop so low.

    My whole body is sore from moving heavy boxes and painting. Most of my weekend was spent taping off walls and putting primer on them. We had a few friends help us out, but just couldn't seem to get far enough. I'm going to have to go over every day after work this week to try and get everything painted before we move next weekend. The likelihood of me getting workouts in over the next week is looking pretty slim.
  • @cnf2013 - congrats on registering for your first half!!!  so exciting!!

    Sunday was a pretty good win for me, as I resisted lots of temptation.  I did an 8 mile run in the morning, then went to the Indians game with my fam for father's day.  Amidst all the ballpark food, I ate a 6" chicken sandwich from Subway and split some fries with FI.  Then came home and avoided all the appetizers I had made in favor of noshing on grapes.  AND kept food on track during dinner, even enough to have a celebratory slice of cake.  I felt pretty good about it when all was said and done!  Usually a day like that would send me to an "eat all the things" kind of place!

    Today is kettlebell after work, so I'll get some good strength training in!
  • @entropic - 5 lbs., WOW!!!  that's awesome!!  hard work is paying off!

    @swimmy - so excited for you!!!  happy wedding week!!
  • Happy wedding week @swimmy1988

    @cnf2013 Congrats on signing up for your first half!  You race schedule sounds pretty tough! 

    @entropicbeauty Congrats on that huge loss! Awesome!

    This weekend was pretty good.  I ran on Friday, knee started hurting after only 1 mile.  I managed to get 2 miles in anyway. Saturday I rested.  Sunday I managed 3 miles with minimal pain.  I was running an out and back, so at the turn around I stopped to stretch my IT band.  That seemed to help.  I also kept my pace really slow.  Food was on track, minus the beer and wine.
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  • Morning ladies!

    I didn't check in all weekend - my weekend started off very well with the last try-a-tri before I  graduate to the sprints in July. I finished 4/53 in my age group, which I'm happy with but it sucks to be just a hair away from the podium and not make it! But - I'm still happy with my time and my placement - when I graduate to the sprints I will NOT be placing that high!

    Then the weekend went downhill after we went camping. I ended up having probably 15 marshmallows and half a bag of Smartfood over the course of Saturday/Sunday. I don't think I ate enough after the race, which was probably why I was so hungry. But, back on track today - my dress comes in at the beginning of July, so if that's not motivation, I don't know what is!

    @swimmy1988 - happy wedding week!
    @cnf2013 - yay first 1/2 marathon, congrats! That sounds like a busy but really fun summer!
    @choagie42 - that is some good willpower to avoid the apps, good job!
  • GiaspoGiaspo member
    Knottie Warrior 1000 Comments 25 Love Its Name Dropper
    Hello - back at work and back on track with eating, finally.  Yesterday I ate an entire sleeve of thin mints and a Friendly's sundae for dinner.  I actually missed Paleo while I was away and am looking forward to eating clean.  

    Today my fitness goals are to register for the rest of my training races and start thinking about a marathon plan.  Can't believe it's here already.  

    @swimmy - yay wedding week!!  Enjoy and don't stress!
    @lovelyheather - I saw your note last week and hope the stretch keeps helping.  Is the outside of your knee swollen at all?  
    @cnf2013 - yay first half marathon!!  I'm so impressed with everything you have planned.  You are inspiring!

  • @Giaspo The stretch has definitely been helping, thanks!  There isn't any swelling, which I am taking to be a good sign. 
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  • Happy wedding week swimmy!

    This weekend sucked for food. Saturday wasn't bad calorie-wise (though I did drink my lunch - thank you mojitos!). Sunday I made cream of crab soup, which has a boatload of fat in it. But it was soooo delicious. I'm getting back on track today though! I did some pilates over the weekend and it really made me sore, so yesterday was a rest day. Today I think I'll do yoga and pilates.

  • jaenella, yay for doing so amazing in your mini tri! Have you picked out a sprint yet? 

    @Giaspo, thanks! I'm trying to keep myself motivated. I loved my tri last year and really wanted to do more this year. The half was kind of something I've been mulling over since upping my mileage recently. I figured I'm already having a race heavy summer so I might as well just tack another on while I'm in the mood. 
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  • ohmrs2014ohmrs2014 Dirty Jerz mod
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    This weekend was ok.  Def didn't stay within my calorie goals, but today begins a new week.
    Working out was non-exsistent this weekend as well with all the Father's Day plans FI and I had with both families.  Tonight after work I plan on going to the gym as long as my eye problems don't turn out to be pink eye.

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  • @cnf2013 - thanks! I'm planning on doing one in Niagara in July, Iron Girl in Niagara in August, and the Guelph sprint on the Labour Day long weekend. I had thoughts of doing one near London in late September but it falls two weeks before the wedding, so I'm thinking that might be bad timing!
  • Happy wedding week, Swimmy!

    Congrats on the house AND the loss, entropic! Awesome on all fronts!

    My weekend saw me back at my workout, and back on my way to eating solid food. Today I am about 98% myself. Yesterday I did cardio and a workout to failure - 8 exercises that you do to failure. I could probably have gone a little harder on one of them, but I was more worried about form. The next time I know what to expect, so it will be even better.

    I rode my bike to school today - it's the last week! Still nothing on the job front, but I'm hoping there will be more changes at the board office, and that will open up some more jobs at my current school.

    Food has not been good (until supper, which was grilled pork loin and a tossed salad). We've been eating lunch out at school since there are no lunch duties, and my choices have not been stellar.

    And I'm down 2lbs - wait for it - at the beginning of shark week! I ate more rice than I've been eating in a while last week (soft food, remember) and I'm wondering if my body has been missing grains, especially since I have to limit breads and pastas. We shall see. 

    But it's super nice to see a positive change in the scale for a change.
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  • @swimmy1988 happy wedding week!
    @entropicbeauty congrats on the big loss, that's great!

    I have my own good news to share- I passed the certification exam that I was studying for way back when!!!!  I took it in March, and finally just found out today.  All that studying finally paid off. This is my second try at it, and it's a 7 hour long exam, I'm soooo relieved!!  The bad part to this, is that Fi now wants to take me out to celebrate for anything I want to eat.  Oh geez!  I was supposed to go spinning tonight, but now that's out the window.  I'm still trying to decide where I want to go.  Part of me is leaning toward making a salad at home so that I can go have a ginormous sundae for dessert somewhere :)  Still deciding...  but yay!!!!!
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  • YAYYY! Congrats @ptrose13!!!
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