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Has anyone worked with Sam Smith and Get Away Every Day Photography? 

Re: Get Away Every Day Photography

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    Bad experience. I was supposed to have a meeting with him and he was a no show. I called (straight to voicemail and never called back) and emailed. Received an email several days later that inferred that I was late so he left. I was confused and told him that I did show up on time and no one was there. He then replied (week later) that I  "must be completely blind" and told me to stop wasting his time. Very rude.

    Turns out, he WAS there, but I didnt know it was him because he was sitting far away from the meeting location, on his phone, and never once looked up. So I thought it was a random guy. He also gave no impression that he was there for a meeting (he was wearing street clothes, no photography equipment, not even a computer or note pad for the meeting).
  • Not sure why I never saw this sooner, but I am Sam Smith. You didn't request a wedding or service. You actually were supposed to interview for an internship. You obviously showed little initiative as I interviewed dozens of people throughout the day. You might want to act a bit professional before posing as a customer and reviewing anyone's services.
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