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Getting in Shape

Hello! I'm new to the board!

Hi all. My name is Amy, and I'm new to the Getting in Shape board. When my FI and I first met, we were both at our fittest, and our first date was indoor rockclimbing. We've been together close to a year and a half now, and we've both gained a couple of pounds (work, all those holidays, etc...the usual reasons!). We've been talking about getting back into the routine of healthy eating, and there's no better time than the present!

I'm a pastry chef, and I work for a company that sells desserts internationally. But, we recently moved into a new, larger building, and they put in a gym. It's about 2 yards outside of my office so there really are zero excuses! I did a short 15 minute workout during lunch, and later, I am going to do a longer 30-45 minute workout before I go home. I even remembered to bring a change of clothes to workout in!

I'm about 135 pounds right now, and my goal is around 125 to 120 (where I was before). I already bought my wedding dress, and it's a size 6 so I'm planning that the only alterations that need to be made are going to be getting the straps removed!

I just wanted to say "Hi" and introduce myself! Everyone have a great day!

Re: Hello! I'm new to the board!

  • It's a very cool job! I love it. I've had the biggest sweet tooth since I was a child so this job is perfect for me. And honestly, despite my love of sweets, you do get really tired of eating sweets at a certain point when you're surrounded by them all the time!

    I've been on MFP, but I find it too time consuming. So this time, I am just going to eat as healthy as possible and track my workouts. I printed out calenders for the next couple of months, and I'm writing down my activity, my distance (if it's cardio), duration and calories burned.

  • Welcome @AmyS2645!  SO jealous of your job.  I am an avid at home baker and am so envious of everyone who gets to do it for a living.  What's your favorite thing to make?

    Sounds like you're going in levelheaded - in terms of balancing healthy eating and working out.  That is really awesome that they put a gym in your new office!  What's on tap for this evening's workout?
  • Welcome, Amy! Can I just second (third) my jealousy of your job? It sounds fantastic! I love to bake - unfortunately, I also love to eat my baked goods, so probably could not do it professionally for the sake of my waistline.

    I've found the daily accountability threads on this board to be very helpful in terms of staying on track - you can report in on how your eating and exercising has been going and on your progress. The ladies here are very supportive and full of great tips and inspiration!
  • Hi Amy! Awesome job! I don't like to bake so much, but I'd be more than happy to eat your work for you, haha.

    Definitely jump into the accountability threads and welcome aboard!
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  • Hi Amy!

    You already have all the "ingredients" for your fitness!
    You have a goal and motivation (the dress), you create opportunies for exercises and after all the most important: you make yourself aware of what you do, you eat, you need!

    The rest really is just stubbornness ;)
  • Hi & welcome!

    Ditto CNF - I'm not a baker but I would eat your handiwork any day of the week. I have a major sweet tooth :)
  • Thanks for the warm welcome, ladies!

    @Lobsters25, my absolute favorite thing to make (and eat!) is ice cream. I'm lactose intolerant though so I limit my consumption!

    My evening workout yesterday was a good distance of biking. I did 16.85 km (10.47 miles) in 50 minutes. I have a dream of doing a triathalon someday. The sprint distance of biking is 12 km so I think I am doing allright!

  • Ooooh, I'll talk triathlons with you @AmyS2645! I'm running three this summer. 
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  • @cnf2013, are you? I've never run one before! I really want to do one. I found a beginner training plan that I am working on (starting this week). I think swimming is going to be my weakest part.
  • @AmyS2645, yes! Swimming is my weakest part too, but the best advice I got about that is to just remember you're only in the water 20 minutes out of a 2+ hour race and it's the very first 20 minutes. Easy to get it done and out of the way. Speaking of which, I haven't swam at all yet this year. Our lake is still too cold and our Y charges $10 for non members to use the pool. I need to find somewhere to swim soon. 

    If you're already moderately fit you can definitely get away without following a specific plan per say. I ran my first sprint without following any plans. I just swam once a week for the full distance (usually a bit longer), ran 4-5 days a week, went to spin once or twice and week, got out on my bike a handful of times. I finished my first sprint in 2:14:45 just doing all that. 
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  • Oh, wow! That's super helpful to know! Thanks for sharing. I haven't swam at all either. I found a local rec center that has a pool, but I am going to have to go there in the early morning before work because they are only open until 4:00 or 4:30 in the afternoon. I figure since it's less than 2 miles away from my house, I can also just bike or run over there when I do go to get that portion in too. It's not too hot here in the early mornings so it's not that bad to be out working out at that time.
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