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How do I ask friends to be bridesmaids?

What is the best way to ask a friend to be a bridesmaid? I'm sure I'm overthinking this, but I'm curious as to how other people do this. For example, is sending a text message asking this question rude?

Re: How do I ask friends to be bridesmaids?

  • I think sending a text message isn't as personal, I asked in person. Pinterest had some cute ideas.
  • i sent cute, funny cards to all of our wedding party, made them through vistaprint
  • I purchased cards off of Etsy that say "Now I've got my guy but I still need my girls will you be my bridesmaid,ect) with the option of being able to write my own words on the inside. They were a big hit with all my girls.
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    I purchased wine labels through Etsy.  My parents threw us an engagement barbeque and I gave them to my girls then.  They loved them!
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  • I found some rings on amazon that were the knot or infinity symbol and I got each of them a ring dish. I'm placing a card inside that will say something like "I can't imagine tying the knot, without the girls that I love a lot! Will you be my bridesmaid?"

  • I also got wine labels through Etsy. They are so cute and the girls loved them!
  • I just asked them in person (no frills) except the one who lives far away and I don't see often- I asked her via google chat (same way she asked me to be a bridesmaid for her 2 years ago)
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  • We have a large bridal party (8 on each side), and most of my girls are out of town, so I wanted to mail them something that would make them feel like I really wanted them to be a part of everything. 

    I put together personalized boxes painted in the wedding colors with their initials on top and a handwritten note inside along with all the details of the wedding (date, location, colors, dresses, accessories, contact info, etc.), paint chips of the wedding colors to help them shop for dresses, some inspiration board photos I found online and a small gift for each of them. They all called me crying when they got their boxes in the mail. It was a really special way of feeling close to everyone even though we're so far away from one another. And it jump-started all the excitement about the wedding! They got together and created a Facebook group so they could all keep in touch and we've been working together nonstop on wedding stuff ever since. I am so glad I spent that much time doing something personal for my favorite girls.
  • Thanks so much everyone! This is very helpful!

  • I gave them each a card with a string tied inside with a pretty ring hung on it. "Will you be my bridesmaid?" I saw it on pinterest. They all loved it! :)
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