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Sister-in-law issues

My FI and I are getting married 2 weeks after his sister.  It's only close because of his dad's timing of arriving home from Iraq.  But everyone is causing drama saying we're both stealing ideas from each other and it's basically ruining our day!  Any ideas?

Re: Sister-in-law issues

  • They'll be what?

    There are VERY few things that are REALLY different about weddings.  One looks a helluva lot like another to most people.  And every 'unique' idea has already been donetodeath on the knut.

    And you're acting a bit surprised that, they told you they were thinking July and picked one of the other 3 weekends in july?  How so?  If you didn't want them close, then I would assume you'd have picked a weekend fartehr from when they said they were considering.
  • Yeah i know, the date thing really shouldn't surprise me, and honestly it doesn't.  Things are going to just be close together.  I think I was just upset yesterday and needed to vent.  Thanks for helping me realize it's all not the end of the world!
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