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Mother/Son Dance?

Just saw another post about a Mother/Son dance... is this a normal wedding tradition?  I have only been to 2 weddings, where the Groom's mother was deceased, and the other one I couldn't stay longer than the Father/daughter dance.  If this is a normal wedding tradition that my FMIL will be expecting, there might be some drama since FI isn't very close with her...

Re: Mother/Son Dance?

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    Your FI decides if he will dance with his mother. Ideally, he should ask her if she wants to, or politely inform her that there will be no mother-son dance.

    FWIW, we did no special dances. They aren't required.
  • I've seen it at all the weddings I've been to, but just because it's tradition it doesn't mean you have to do it. If your FI doesn't want to dance with her, then don't do one.
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