Help - Ceremony Site North Prairie or Delafield Area

I am getting married next May and my fiancee and I really like Broadlands Golf Club in North Prairie for our reception, but are having a hard time trying to find some place close for the ceremony. We would ideally like an outdoor ceremony, but are flexible.

Does anyone have any ideas or been anywhere in the NP and Delafield area for a wedding?

Re: Help - Ceremony Site North Prairie or Delafield Area

  • My ceremony was at Lapham Peak in Delafield.  We had it in a building with room for 100.  We didn't want to rent a tent or chairs to have it outdoors, but the park does allow that.  You could also plan outdoors and use the building if it rained.  They are a bit slow to respond to emails, but I started planning early so that wasn't an issue because I didn't allow myself to get into a time crunch.
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