What do you want to know about flowers???

Hi Brides! I am a floral designer and will be doing a presentation on wedding flowers to a group of future brides. I would like to make this as informative and interesting as possible for them. What do you most want to know about flowers for your wedding. I appreciate any suggestions! Thanks!! :)

Re: What do you want to know about flowers???

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    I see suggestions for choosing "in season" flowers to keep costs lower. I thought all flowers came from Central America anyway, so what difference does "in season" make?
  • Maybe a section on "Questions to ask your florist when you're deciding on who to go with?"
  • Best tips for making your own bouquets, centerpieces and bouts when buying wholesale: How early to buy them? Storage? Do certain types need to be bought earlier than others? 
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  • How do you keeps hydrangeas fresh?
  • Maybe on how to obtain flowers for your wedding that aren't in season? I know a lot of us are having problems with florists not being able to get the flowers we want but yet wholesalers are able to sell them year round
  • I want to know what the most fragrant flowers are in case of allergies ect.

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