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Florist Recommendations

Ladies... I'm needing some thoughts on Florists.   
I have lived in the south  hills my whole life, but now we are now living in Cranberry ... and there is like 1 florist up here. I know there are several in Wexford.  But I really don't know anything about any of them. 

I have an awesome florist in Lebo, but I can't be driving back & forth to Lebo for flower meetings :)   I guess I could ... but that seems a bit impractical.  

Does anyone have any input or thoughts on northern located florists?  I don't need to do reception decorations or Church because we're a Christmas time wedding :)   So I just need bridal party flowers & *maybe* centerpieces (but its doubtful).  

Thanks chicas!

Re: Florist Recommendations

  • We used Kerry from KS Kennedy Florist on the Northside. I actually never even met with him in person (did everything over the phone/email) and he brought my exact vision to life and all under a pretty difficult budget. He was so easy going, fun and awesome. I can't recommend him enough.
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    We used Parkway Florist and Cheryl was SO helpful, professional, and did an amazing job following all of my ideas. She worked with us to keep us in budget and the quality was really fabulous for the amount we spent which was about $1600 (to give you an idea- we had 7 bouquets, 8 boutonnieres, 9 boutonnieres for moms/grandmas/readers, a throw bouquet, cake flowers, and 19 high and low centerpieces). Also, she and her assistant hung around to help fix my dress and open the church doors for me while all of my bridesmaids and MOH were walking down the aisle. She also doesn't require a minimum, which many florists did.
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  • ummmmm holy crap - $1600 is cheap for all of that!!!!  I've always heard great things about them ....  I live in Cranberry so I'm hoping to find someone close to us up here so i'm not driving to the south hills for flower appts :) but I will keep them in mind !!!   I've used Mt. Lebonan Floral many times & they are FAB, but ...  far :(
  • I forgot that we had a $12 (I think) credit per centerpiece from our venue because Parkway Florist was part of the package.. so I guess that would have brought us up to about $1800ish total. It was still very good though compared to all of the other quotes we got!

    I don't think you'll have to go for an appointment with your florist that often. We planned from out of town so we contacted our florist over the phone or email for minor changes. I think in total we met with her twice and she always offered for us to come in the evening and that helped us avoid traffic. Good luck whichever one you choose though!
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  • Before you read my answer I want you to know that I live in Kansas and have planned our PA wedding from out of the state. So I'm not super familiar with where you are located. However, if you are anywhere near Greensburg, I highly recommend Curly Willow. I did a lot of researching and I found them to be reasonably priced and they make beautiful arrangements. 
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