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XP: Party Sunglasses for Bachelorette

I am looking for cheap printed sunglasses for a bachelorette party, just like these:

Does anyone know where I can find some a bit cheaper? The cheaper places I've found only sell them in bulk. TIA.

Re: XP: Party Sunglasses for Bachelorette

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    Sorry but I would save my money.  They will be useless the next day. And personally I don't think many people would wear then that night.  You can't see out of them.
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  • Ditto PP. If someone bought me something to wear for a bachelorette party, I probably wouldn't care one way or the other because it wasn't my money, but those glasses would start annoying me in 5 min and not be on the rest of the night. I would skip them.

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  • it's a great and different idea!  i want to get them for the pool party!  let me know if you found some!
  • i agree i think its a fun and great unique idea esp for bachelorette party for beach week/weekend.  i am MOH looking for fun neon retro sunglasses for entire bachelorette party too... i think it would be fun i found these on etsy, but they seem crazy expensive, looking for a better pricing option, need about 13:

  • I love those etsy sunglasses! I don't think $7.95 is that bad - I checked for sunglasses like that at target and they were $12.99 there!!  I'm going to order them! I'll let you know about the quality!

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