Villa Terrace reception venue help

Hello! We have booked the gorgeous Villa Terrace Decorative Arts Museum in Milwaukee for our wedding ceremony and reception for November 2013 (we're taking a gamble on the weather, but whatever). We will be having about 130 people and I am super scared that the space is not going to be big enough and we will be totally cramped! Also since this is late Fall, chances are it will be cold and people will want to be outside. I am feeling very nervous about this.

Has anyone had their wedding reception, or attended one in this space with around 130 people? Any insight would be very appreciated!!

Re: Villa Terrace reception venue help

  • oops I mean people will want to be inside
  • I haven't been to a wedding, but other events, and your suspicions about it being tight are right. But they wouldn't let you book it if it wasn't possible - work with your coordinator and they will get you the best layout for the size of the group!
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