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Apple Vacations or Destination Weddings.com???

I am booking a destination wedding in Riviera Maya in March. I would like to choose an agency for guests to go through to book their trip. Who is a better option: Apple Vacations Destination Weddings or Destination Weddings.com?

Re: Apple Vacations or Destination Weddings.com???

  • I am not sure about any of those. We booked with Apple through our travel agent with no issues for our last three trips. I have heard a few ladies rave about beach bum vacations and I am pretty sure I heard they are free. Sorry to add more confusion.
  • Thanks! I am going to check out beach bum now!
  • Hope you find what you are looking for. Keep us updated! We love details :)
  • So, I contacted Melissa at Beach Bum Vacations and she is amazing! They also don't require a $50 "deposit" before they will even speak with you like the other places. Thanks so much for the info, it was invaluable!
  • I have used AppleVacations twice for regular travel & they were amazing. They make sure they flag u the moment u get off the plane & get u straight to  a waiting shuttle to your hotel. They pick u up on time on the return date and there is really no hassell with them. Their hotel representatives are always helpful also. I have traveled with other parties who use other websites & they do not have the same level of service we had. They are waiting at the airport (dangerous in a strange city), they got to the hotel one hour after me (when we landed at the same time) and their rep was not redily available at the hotel.  
  • For those using a personal Travel Agent and going through Apple Vacations, do you still get the wedding perks they offer on their website. Like free rooms for so many guests booked, etc..
  • I booked a trip previously through apple vacations and it was good.  (Nothing to do with our wedding).  The only downside was that the hotel was performing construction on the main lobby for most of our stay.  Apple had agents at the resort and they were very helpful as well. Good Luck
  • Beach bum is very helpful for groups, however we decided to go with TravelZap. They are very helpful as well and set up a wedding website for us. The thing I liked about their website was it's only our information, the sites set up through other travel agents I've seen have your information on them but also clutter the site with tons of advertisements and it's linked directly to their site. I didn't care for that.
  • Hi!  So happy that I found your post.  I've been considering TravelZap.  Tell me your experience with them.  They are fairly new and my agent has also only been there for about 4 months.  My concerns are that I can't find much information on the company at all so I'm a little leery about forking over thousands of dollars without any viable reviews or testimonials.  Their pricing seems very competitive.  Love the idea of the website, online reservations, payment plan, etc.  Any help would be appreciated.

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    @staceystorr I am pretty happy with TravelZap so far! When you are first making plans with them they can be a little pushy and that turned me off so I spoke with someone with Apple Vacations but when I saw their websites for couples and how loaded they were with ads and links to their site I hated it. This was a big reason i went with TravelZap.

    Once we decided to book with them they set up our website and I love it! They personalize it with any details you want and everything is layed out nicely. It is very simple to navigate. The only negative about the wesbite is that the forms they use to reserve your room and make your deposit are pretty confusing. It's not a simple form and a lot of my guests have been confused by them BUT on the positive side anytime a guest of mine has called our agent at TravelZap they have all said she is extremely helpful and nice so that makes me feel better!

    I have not heard from my agent since I booked but I'm thinking that is pretty normal because we are still so far out. Not getting married till September of 2015. I am guessing when our flights become available I will hear from her again. If you need anything else let me know!

  • @honeymoonsinc  I am interested in learning more.  What is the best way to discuss options?
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