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Venue Hunt..AGAIN!!

So the man and I are on a venue hunt again after the rude email I got from our venue today. Well we changed our date and they were fine with that, and told us our deposit would go to hold the date. Well a few weeks ago I made an appointment because the man and I across another venue that was absolutely breathtaking, so we made an appointment to check it out plus we were going to look at our original venue again.So yesterday I get an email from the venue saying they need 30% of of the contract to hold the date which is $4,387 by our visit next week. WHAT!!! That is not what we initially signed on for,the coordinator we worked with told us just the security deposit to hold the date and I have all correspondence between me and her. So I email him back and say that is not what we were told and I have all the documents to prove it, he goes well if another bride wants this date we can give it to her if you don't pay the 30% by next week and that they did me a favor by letting me change dates...A favor?!! Really?!! After all the back and forth I've had with this guy this morning I really don't want to give them any of my business and I think we are looking for a new venue because if they are starting BS like this already I don't wanna see what's going happen a few months from now. 

Re: Venue Hunt..AGAIN!!

  • no bueno... thats all I can say. if it were me I would definitely move on.
  • Most definitely what shaygray said. That is ridiculous and im sure you don't want those problems. And like you said, if their on some mess now, you dont know what you will run into later.
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  • Ummm...hmmm.  Oh I get you on this.  Once The Dude and I reset our date we will be on the hunt for a new venue as well.   Our current venue has been so accommodating but woo lawd they changed their package so many times that at the end I felt like I was settling.   Definitely go with you instinct on this one.  

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