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Wedding Items for your Vintage, Shabby Chic, Rustic, Country Wedding!

Hi there!

My hubby and I got married last August, and it's really about time I uphold my promise to sell all my wedding decorations (centerpieces, etc.) on Craigslist. We had it at a winery and went for the rustic-shabby-chic feel: Think mason jars and paper lanterns. 

For a complete list of what I have, see below. Pictures for each item (with price and quantity in the filename) are here:https://www.dropbox.com/sh/z8j6ppqy47r0at7/1CO3YS-rro. I've only listed the individual item prices, but if you by the entire lot of something, I'll take 10% off. Prices are firm - I've already spent too much time organizing all of this, so thanks in advance for understanding. ;)

We're located right next to Muddy's Cafe at the corner of Valencia and 24th Street. I will be home all day Saturday (7/22) and Sunday (7/23) so feel free to just stop by anytime before 11 pm. I'll also be available after 6:30 pm on Monday (7/24) and Tuesday (7/25). My cell is 626-274-5605, feel free to call or text with any questions. 

Cash or PayPal only. Items are first come first served, though if you really want something, I'm happy to hold it for you if you PayPal me first.

Thanks, and hope you're enjoying the sunshine!



100 Mini Lights,Clear Bulbs, White Wire,Indoor Outdoor,$5 each,Qty 4

3x5 Photo Albums,Set of 4,$5

Baobab Tree Earrings Holder from Kenya,Small$5,Medium$8

Birdcage1,XL,$25 each,Qty 1
Birdcage2a,Large,$20 each,Qty 1
Birdcage2b,Large,$20 each,Qty 2
Birdcage3,Med,$15 each,Qty 4
Birdcage4,Small,$10 each,Qty 11

Bottle Vase,$4,qty 1
Laced Bottles,$1.50 each,Qty 19

Bridal Bargains,$8
DIY Bride Crafty Countdown,$5
Print Workship, $8
Handmade Weddings,$10
The Knot Wedding LookBook,$15

Random Old Hardcover Books,$1 each,Qty 54

Ivory Votive Candles,Unscented 10 Hours,$0.25,Qty
Lord of the Rings Pez,$5

Canning Jars,24oz,$3.50 each,Qty 6
Canning Jars,Pint,$2.50 each,Qty 6
Canning Jars,Quart,$4.50 each,Qty 3

Decorative Wheat Bushel,$5 each,Qty 4
Shepard Hooks,$5 each,Qty 8
Floral Tape (No picture posted), $1
Floral Wire (No picture posted), $3-$10

Laundry Basket-Hamper,Bamboo, Tweed,$25
Microfiber Chair,Sage,$50

Mason Jars,Atlas Tall 20oz,$1.50 each,Qty 6
Mason Jars,Atlas,Quart,$1.50 each,Qty 2
Mason Jars,Ball 1 Pint (16-oz.) Regular Mouth,Set of 12,$10
Mason Jars,Ball 1 Pint (16-oz.) Regular Mouth, No Lid_$0.75 each_Qty 23
Mason Jars,Ball 4-oz. Quilted Crystal Jelly Jars,$0.50 each,Qty 55
Mason Jars,Ball Half Pint Quilted Crystal Jelly Jars,$0.75 each,Qty 24
Mason Jars,Ball Wide Mouth Pint,$1.50 each,Qty 16
Mason Jars,Kerr Wide Mouth Quart,$1.50 each,Qty 12
Mason Jars,Mini with Lid,$1.50 each,Qty 20
Mason Jar,Ball Gallon,$20,Qty 2

Mini Toiletries Holder,$5,Qty 1
Suitcase1,$20,Qty 1
Suitcase2,$20,Qty 1
Suitcase3,$30,Qty 1
Wine Cork Holder1,Free
Wine Cork Holder2,Free
Wired Teapot (No photo uploaded), Free
Treasure Chest Case,$10
Treasure Chest Blue,Free
Typewriter,Vintage,Sage Colored,$20
Wooden Rustic Toiletries Holder,$5
Pail,$10 each,Qty 2
Wooden Clothespin,50 Pack,$3

Kraft Wrapping Paper - Paper Bag Feel,50lb,48 x 200 Roll,$15
PaperSource Cover Weight Paper,min 80 sheets,Fig,$20
PaperSource Cover Weight Paper,min 80 sheets,Moss,$20
PaperSource Cover Weight Paper,min 80 sheets,Sage,$20
PaperSource Text Weight Paper,min 150 sheets,Paper Bag,$20

Heads up on 2/3 of the lanterns: It was too windy to hang these during the day of my wedding, but we didn't know that the day before and prepared them in advance. We had to collapse them back down the day of the wedding, so essentially they are out of their original packaging, but unused. I've discounted them heavily b/c on top of that, the wedding coordinators misplaced the wire components, so it's just the lantern, w/o the wire. The wire can easily be made.
Rest of the 1/3: Brand-new, in packaging, complete with the wiring. Marked as NEW.

Paper Lanterns,Ivory/Cream
***8"- Qty 8 - $0.50 each
***8" - Qty 3 NEW - $1 each
***10" - Qty 8 - $0.75 each
***10" - Qty 7 NEW- $1.25 each
***12" - Qty 6 - $1 each
***12" - Qty 6 NEW - $1.50 each
***14" - Qty 2 NEW - $2 each
***16" - Qty 7 - $1.75 each
***16" - Qty 6 NEW - $2.50 each

Paper Lanterns,Burgundy 
***8"- Qty 14 - $0.50 each
***12" - Qty 12 - $1 each
***16" - Qty 7 - $1.75 each

Paper Lanterns,Mint Green 
***12" - Qty 17 - $1 each (have wiring for all these - add $0.50 each)

Paper Lanterns,Sage/Sea Green/Tiffany's Green 
***8" - Qty 30 NEW - $1 each

Wire for 17 12" Lanterns - $0.50 each

Parasols,Ivory,$3 each,Qty 26

Sandals,$1 per pair,Qty 11

Wooden Chalkboard Signs,Set of 4,$35
Wooden Table Numbers,$50 Set,Numbers 1-15

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