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Nevada-Las Vegas

Vegas buffets..

I was thinking of having my wedding dinner at a buffet rather than a more formal meal, I'm travelling from the UK so there will only be 14 of us in all with a mixture of different tastes!

Has anyone witnessed a wedding reception at a buffet? And which are the best buffets in Vegas with good food and nice decor?


Re: Vegas buffets..

  • There are lots of brides on here that have done their receptions at a buffet, I don't see a problem with it.  You can also provide your guests with variety and it's something different too!!

    Here are a couple that I was able to find:

    Wicked Spoon - Cosmopolitan Hotel

    Buffet at the Bellagio

    Bacchanal Buffet - Caesars Palace

    Le Village Buffet - Paris Hotel

    Wynn Buffet - They have a semi-private room too.



    Hope that helps

  • Wicked Spoon at Cosmo and Le Village Buffet at Paris have both been used for receptions recently and generally good reviews so that might be two to check into for a start.

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  • We just had ours at the Cosmopolitan's buffet, Wicked Spoon, and loved everything from the food to the decor. Even our guests (Italians are really picky when it comes to food) loved it. The service is not the warmest and most attentive but being a buffet it's not a big deal.
    We were also a small party with different tastes, that's why we decided on a buffet and it was a very good choice that everyone appreciated. If you contact them, ask about wine packages or other drinks that can be added to your total bill, you might meet the minimum expense to get a private room, which would be perfect for a wedding reception (more privacy, possibility to choose your own music)
  • Does anyone know if they allow you to have a cake catered in or from the hotel?! 
  • Not sure on the cake. Most time when cake is involved, brides have ordered them from the restaurant.

    I am a Wicked Spoon bride, and looking forward to it! Have read overall great reviews, and someone I kno went there recently, and loved it.

    The other buffet I was considering was the Bacchanal buffet at Caesars. I have heard nothing but great things about it, and it just opened last September. However, it was more than what I wanted to spend. It was $65 per person with reservations, $45 without. For that price, I could pay for drinks too at Wicked Spoon ($39 per person, $25 drink package). Many brides go to Paris, Bellagio and Wynn as well.

    We chose buffet for similar reasons mentioned above, such as variety. We wanted guests to have whatever they want and however much they wanted. I think buffet is a great option to consider.

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    I'm from the UK too and having my reception in The Wynn buffet, using the semi-private room, I have photos of the room if you'd like to see them? The decor of the whole buffet is beautiful! Their package is $54 per person (plus 8.1% tax and 20% gratuity) and includes VIP entry (no queuing), dinner buffet and one drink. The room can seat 36 people max but I think you may have to book a minimum of 20 people so it may not be right for you, but worth speaking to them. I dealt with Idania, the restaurants event manager, I can send you her email address if you'd like. They take payment in full on booking, but you can add extra people at a later date if need be. 

    I know a couple of brides on here have had their reception in the semi-private room, I think its a great option for something a little less formal, where everyone's tastes are catered to. 

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    Ugh! TK keeps eating my post... We got our cake through Wicked Spoon and were very pleased with it. It was beautiful and delicious. We went with buttercream but they did such a great job it looked like fondant and was handpainted with a chocolate sculpture on top.
  • Thank you for all the comments and sorry for the late reply (still learning how to use this)

    Jiimanie if you could send me your information that would be fab!! I love the decor of the Wynn!

    smrkmar how did you get intouch with the cosmo? Im having trouble finding emails? I cant phone because it would cost me a bomb! Haha

    Thanks again for the replies! I look forward to seeing everyones exciting comments.
  • For Wicked Spoon, I've been communicating with Danielle at [email protected]
  • I was in touch with Rose (who apparently just came back to Cosmo after some months of absence), she was very helpful:
    mail is: rose.aharonian (at) cosmopolitan.com

    Rose Aharonian
    F&B Restaurant Group Sales Manager

    T   702.698.6885

    F   702.698.6603

    Days off: Saturday & Sunday

    [email protected]cosmopolitanlasvegas.com

  • I hated wicked spoon, but the Wynn's buffet is beautiful inside.
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  • mnuppmnupp member
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    I hated wicked spoon, but the Wynn's buffet is beautiful inside.
    Can you explain what you didn't like? I've heard many good things, would love to hear a dissent. 

    I'm sorry if you've shared before, I tried looking up any reviews you posted but couldn't find that one.
  • PreDempseyPreDempsey member
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    mnupp said:
    I hated wicked spoon, but the Wynn's buffet is beautiful inside.
    Can you explain what you didn't like? I've heard many good things, would love to hear a dissent. 

    I'm sorry if you've shared before, I tried looking up any reviews you posted but couldn't find that one.

    No worries, here is what I wrote in my review:
    "Wicked Spoon: D – I was SO excited about this place because everyone had really great things to say about it but it was a huge disappointment. First of all can we talk about the walk there? I understand cosmo is a HUGE place but they placed this thing in Hogwarts and make you hoof it through the shire to get there.. We were seated in the back near the kitchen entrance. I used to be in the industry so I know what it takes to be a server but I don’t believe my expectations are unreasonable. There are two things a buffet server has to do: keep drinks full and plates clear and this girl failed.  Call me a stickler but I’d also prefer to not hear you and your friends bullsh!tting and swearing on your way back to the kitchen. The food was mediocre at best and definitely wasn’t worth $40 a person. If I could go back I would have filled my plate with macaroons and ordered four cokes just to be on the safe side."

    The food just wasn't anything special besides the service being crap. They try too hard with everything in it's own weird little container or plate and it makes it so you have to make a ton of trips just to get enough to eat. We weren't planning on doing two buffets on our trip but since this was so lack luster DH wanted to show me a good buffet. The Wynn was stunning, you walk in and there are flowers and just really classy decor. The food was great and had a better selection than WS. 
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    J + A [4-15-13] + JJ [1-22-14] 
  • I just had my wedding/honeymoon in Vegas (june 6-14) and we stayed at the Aria. We discovered the buffet there on our second last day. OH EM GEE it was amazing!!!! They have a huge selection of food, friendly staff AND pay an extra $13 its all you can drink ;)
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