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Rec and Reviews Sticky

Disappeared. Local board, Central New York. This is my second issue with this sticky in a week. Can we please get this shit under control already? Can someone resticky that so it's available to brides still?
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Re: Rec and Reviews Sticky

  • Please share the link and I will make it an announcement again.

  • cnf2013cnf2013 member
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    Welp, I'm of no help here then. I just posted my own reviews in it on June 12 and it doesn't show up under my activity. Searching the board doesn't bring it up and every discussion with the link to the post brings up this page. So... does that mean the post is completely gone and dead? It had years worth of vendor reviews in it. Sucks to lose a resource like that on a board that isn't terribly active. At least local brides could get some reviews without having to pose the question to a slow board. 

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  • That is really odd. I'm going to have to ask tech about this and see if it is a glitch or if the OP asked to have their account and content deleted.

  • Here's an active post with the link, just in case
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  • thank you! Just sent you a PM for the same thing; this is what I needed

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