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Hello everyone!

This is my first post on here so sorry if there has been someting like this posted. I have booked the reception/ceremony place -- at Prairie Meadows! And now looking into decor. Im not really sure what to budget since well... I have no idea whats a good/bad price! Photography is so easy to tell on price... but when it comes to decor its a whole other ball game.

Does anyone have recommendations for vendors.... and if so what were some of the budgets or prices (if you dont mind of course)? A few I was looking at was Bella Flora (who said they usually do weddings for around 7-10k), Beyond Elegance, Designs by Saley, and Stuart Alexander.

Any help is greatly appreciated!


  • i can tell you designs by saley was a tiny bit cheaper than bella flora, however i decided to go with bella flora because I just felt like they got me better. I can say that bella flora itemized things. i can give you a price example from my list.
    my bouquet:$200
    bridesmaids bouquets- $75
    mother coursages- 20/ea
    grandmother coursages- 15
    boutoneers- 10/ea
    large scale florals for the ceremony- 150/ea
    white pedestal rental- 15ea
    hanging pew florals- 35/ea
    aisle runner- 95
    gift table linen- 20
    flral for gift table- 60
    cake plateau- 25
    linen for cake table & special votives- 40
    varying sized centerpieces (19"25" 31")- 140/ea
    rose pedals around the base- 10/ea
    trio of pedestal cups around centerpiece w/ floating candles & greens- 18/ea table
    chair covers- 4.75ea
    table linens- 20/ea
    4 mirror tiles per table to reflect candles- 8/ea
    chargers- 1.50/ea
    colored napkins- 1.20/ea
    uplighting- 25/ea
    delivery/setup- 250
    late night return- 150

    these were 2012 prices for my may 2013 wedding.

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  • I will tell you about my florist. Originals by Beck. Her prices can't be beat. Her name is Becky, and she has no overhead -- everything is done out of her home -- and is a fraction of the price of any other florist I checked out. She is so nice, and has an artistic background. She is very old-school, though (no email). You'll have to go to her house to meet with her, and she will even take you to the flower market to look at some things if you want ideas. 515-967-7568
  • Chair covers and other linens can be found at Details in the Fabric.  I had bought some sashes and covers off of Craigslist and they were really bad....I couldn't get the wrinkles out of the covers for anything.  I ended up eating the cost and going to Laurie and she was wonderful.  I rented chair covers for 2.25 each and sashes for .50 each.  I also rented their backdrop and EVERYONE was raving about it.  They ended up renting me the table runners at no charge!
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