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Songs Without a Place

My fiance and I are extremely passionate about music which makes finding music for the wedding a high priority and a challenge. One of the challenges I seem to be facing is that I have a handful of songs I am absolutely in love with and yet...most of our special dances/events have music already. For example: the song "To Love You More" (Glee version) is one I feel should be part of the wedding in some way. I don't love it more than our first dance song, but it's right up there. What can I do with it to make it special? The only parts without assigned songs so far are the Mother/Son dance and the cake cutting song. My fiance is very much into heavy metal and 60's-70's rock music so I don't think he'd go for a Celine Dion cover as his dance with his mom. I don't want the song simply blended into the night's playlist because I want to make sure it doesn't get lost in the mix - meaning, I want to know it's being played! Am I being too picky? 

Re: Songs Without a Place

  • I was having the same problem! But we're having a slide show and i'm playing the songs I absolutely love in the slide show. That way people are still listening to them without being in the middle of all the dancing and shananagans. 
  • We're passionate about music too - it's so much a part of our lives and we love going to concerts together...  We have a list of "our songs" that are really special to us for our wedding.  I don't expect they'll be special to our guests, but they'll be playing while people are eating and mingling - before the dancing - and I know I'll enjoy it when I hear bits of them throughout the day...


  • I had the same problem too-- end of the day you just have to make a decision on which one you want more at that time.  Regardless what you pick will be special for its something you wanted--and I promise no one is really paying attention to the songs chosen except you. I bet no one at our wedding could tell you what songs we had where.  I did not miss one song that "I wanted to be played" because all the music we had was perfect.  Reality is there is not time to play all of the songs.  It's kind of like the dress--once you find it, stop looking!  You will drive yourself crazy if you keep thinking about a million different songs.

    If you are doing a unity candle or some other sort of unity ceremony, you can play a song there if you have not picked something already. 

    And your FI or his mother should pick their song so don't even worry about that one.  My FI did not have a preference so I asked his mom; she had one already picked out-FI said great.

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