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Celebrate Your Sexy Boudoir photography

I attended the San Francisco bridal expo a few months ago and was pleased to discover I won a boudoir photoshoot from CYS. It includes av$250 shoot and $100 towards a photo package. They're in Washington but travel all over.
I was super excited to book, until today when I called. Within 30 seconds, the girl was trying to charge me $50 for it being "so last minute." I had to explain that I wasn't hoping to shoot TODAY, but for late February, when my certificate expired. Then I was told that there is a $100 charge to hold the reservation and basically to ensure I would show up. It would be applied to any photo package I choose AFTER the shoot is completed. And no, they will not tell you what their packages include and how much they cost. They probably just want to put you on the spot while you're in your sweet nothing's.
On another wedding forum, I saw that women had used CYS and ended up spending close to $1000 even after the $350 "prize." That doesn't seem cool to me. I just wanted to share in case any of you won this as well. Oh by the way, while I was on hold I heard another customer service rep informing a bride that she had just won the $350 bridal expo prize, so now I'm wondering just how many people won this to begin with!

Re: Celebrate Your Sexy Boudoir photography

  • Sounds a bit like a scam.  I had a vendor call me after a bridal show telling me that I won something...I had not even attended the most recent bridal show!


  • I "won" as we'll. Glad I found this before even contacting them.
  • I also "won" a 350 gift certificate from Celebrate Your Sexy. I was a bit weirded out getting it in the mail since I have never even attended a wedding show and did not enter any sort of prize drawing. Glad to know this company is as sketch as my instincts were telling me.
  • Just received a 'winning' postcard in the mail today. I looked up their website and it looked nice, but nowhere on the site did they have a list of packages. That turned me off right away. Seeing as I'm getting married in August, I have done lots of research on photographers and pretty much everyone has their packages listed right on their website.

    I googled reviews of CYS and found a thread over at Wedding Bee that has post after post of people who were scammed by this company. The owners have come on a couple of times to defend their business, but the fact that NOBODY seems to have anything good to say about it says a lot to me. I would stay away if you got one in the mail.
  • I won this from applying online for the wedding fare we had back in January, in February I received a $350 gift in the mail. I checked for prices and couldn't find any but when I contacted the company she said that it would only be roughly $500 but my gift would take $350 off that. I ended up doing the shoot and there photos came out amazing. I did have to pay $100 up front for the deposit which was fine because it would come off my bill anyways.When I was ordering them she lead me to believe that the package I was paying an extra $150 for would include all photos that were taken. Turns out there's only 3 photos on the cd so I ended up paying a total of $500 not including the 350$ that was used to get 1 8x10 2 5x7 1 wallet and a cd with those 3 photos. So in my opinion do not use this company unless you want to be ripped off!
  • OMG! OMG! Do NOT do this! It is a huge SCAM. First off, you have to call in order to even get them to release a price sheet which they email you a link with a password. I too, "won" a $350 credit and judging by their prices is useless. They want you to purchase a huge package of stuff you don't really want and to order. I did more research and found that after your shoot you then have to set up an appointment to view your photos and that too is on your dime. Not only that, it takes about 2 months to get your prints....TWO MONTHS?!?!? That is after you have waited 3-5 weeks to view the low-quality images at your second appointment. It is so stupid. I would rather spend money on a quality photographer with actual accolades than some one-time rodeo of photos in some random hotel room with some no name photographer. I understand that you get what you pay for...but if I am paying that they are going to be great and I am going to get more than an hour of your time and I am also going to know your name.

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