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Catering Contract Help

We are attending our tasting this weekend, and hopefully signing a catering contract. Any dos or don'ts for the contract? What should we look for? How should we negociate?



Re: Catering Contract Help

  • Negotiate by telling them what your budget is (NOT your max) and go from there. Make them sell it to you - I'm sure this vendor isn't your only option and they're competing for your business. If you're getting married in the high season (spring/summer/early fall) there's probably not a ton of wiggle room. If not, ask about off-season discounts, including linens, set up, tables/chairs, china. Usually the more services you can get through one vendor, the more discounts you can get. So if you're using their tables, their linens, etc. versus using another vendor, you can get a better deal. Do your homework. Know the going rates and competitor pricing and remember, you can always go elsewhere. That's probably your biggest negotiating chip.

  • The biggest thing to have on your side is to be willing to walk away and go with someone else. I understand that can be incredibly scary though because if you're close to signing a contract, you're going to have to start all over, so to speak, and you want your wedding to be the best it can be.

    @southernbelle0915 ;has some great advice! Absolutely know what the other catering companies would offer for the same menu and list of services, and mention that during your negotiations. For instance, if your menu is going to cost you $20 per person with this company, but another is going to charge you $18, you're probably liking this particular company for other reasons like their level of service. However, if you mention XYZ company is quoting $18 per person, the other company may come down or throw in some of those add-ons like linens for free to compensate. Also, there is nothing to say that XYZ company has to actually exist... You can tell them that you have recieved quotes for a lower price from another company without having to name them.

    We're doing the same kind of negotiations with cruise lines right now... Good luck! I hope you have a fantastic wedding!

  • Don't be afraid to speak up about what you want and don't want. Most caterers will work with you to get the biggest bang for your buck! Our caterer has been amazing, she has given me contact info for linens(cheaper to order ourselves), she let us use her liquor discount for our open bar, and she even drove the hour here to go over the contract (her idea). We met up last month to finalize the menu and giver her final payment. She's offered to come here again to pick up all our centerpieces since she's required by our venue to setup our reception. Love her!
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  • So..for me, date,time,setup and breakdown time if possible.Overage fee. What is really included. The menu. The final price including tip. Does this price include all your rentals if needed.

    The deposit amount, final price and when it is due.

    Weddings are hard to get in wiggle room, you can only try in food, if you do something lesser with
    a substutional item.

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