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I'm trying to figure out if I'm getting overcharged for my invitations.  I was quoted $1150 for 100 flat printed invited.  That includes the invite, the mailing envelope, response card, and response card envelope.  Doesn't that seem a little high?  Do I just not have a good concept of what stationers in the area cost?  That price does not include any additional enclosures, inner envelope, double thick paper, belly bands, or a metallic edge. 

Any insight would be really helpful.  TIA!

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  • That seems WAY high.  We're getting about 140 invitations which includes all the necessary enclosures and envelopes as well as pre-printed self-addressed response envelopes for less than $500.  We're getting them from a local shop, as opposed to online, so I honestly thought we were paying a bit more than most people.
    You're looking at over $10 per invitation before you even get the extras.  That seems outrageous to me, but I don't know your budget situation and what you want to spend.
  • So apparently the fact that they're letter press is an important detail, but even then I was still expecting something closer to 8/invite.  Is that wrong?
  • Our invites ran us $375, 100 invites, 25 extra envelopes, inner envelopes, printed return address on envelopes and RSVP Envelopes and RSVP cards.

    Is this person designing your invite?  I can't imagine paying that much for paper, sheesh!!
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  • It does seem crazy, right?!  My parents are generously paying and my mom designed them with the stationer but now that's she's seen the price I think she's rethinking them.  1) I think its insane to pay that much for paper, but 2) even though they're fancy, I still think we're being overcharged considering it doesn't include any extras. 
  • I'd look around.  I honestly don't know much about the cost of paper and invitations, or if letterpress should increase the price so much, but that's more than double what we're paying and you're getting fewer invitations.
    Most of what I've seen online would cost us in the $300-$450 range if I got all the bells and whistles.  We're going through a local shop that isn't necessarily the cheapest option, but it's still less than half of what you were quoted. 
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    [QUOTE]Our invites ran us $375, 100 invites, 25 extra envelopes, inner envelopes, printed return address on envelopes and RSVP Envelopes and RSVP cards. Is this person designing your invite?  I can't imagine paying that much for paper, sheesh!!
    Posted by jojo01041982[/QUOTE]

    Would you mind me asking where you got your invites from?  My fiancee and I are looking into invitation at the moment and would love to find something for a reasonable price(which it sounds like you have).  Thanks. 
  • Check out Sealed With A Kiss.  I'm going with their location in Haddonfield, NJ, but they also have a store in Philadelphia.  Tom was great answering all of my questions and helping me pick out my Save the Dates and Invitations for a very reasonable price.  I went with a simpler invite and Save the Date so I know that helped keep my cost down.

    Good Luck!
  • NYCMercedesNYCMercedes BOS, NYC, DC. Forever a city girl member
    Sixth Anniversary 2500 Comments 500 Love Its 5 Answers We got them during a 25% off sale and they were under $10 each. We got 100, plus inner envelopes, reply cards, reply envelopes, direction card, tissue, 25 extra envelopes, return addresses printed, reply envelope addresses printed. They are very formal and heavy and we were very satisfied. Loved them and have received many compliments. They send you five free samples.

    If you want really reasonable, this is the best I've found. Of course, they aren't fancy, but I'd rather drop more money on flowers or additional ppl, but that's just me.

    My friends have actually been doing RSVP online, which I personally love. My mom is fighting me on it.

    I guess I think the "rules" related to invites are stupid in a recession when we're talking about cancelling saturday mail.
  • That seems way high. I am getting mine through local shop in willow grove, pa. They have good prices and monthly promotions. Mine will cost me a little under $300 for 75 invites (with response cards, lined envelope, etc).
  • Veragabidova, do you mind sharing where you are getting your invites? I live in the Willow Grove area and I am currently looking into ordering invites myself. Thanks!
  • Mandi090383,  there is a shop on Blair Mill Rd.

    great experience. Owner/salesperson is very helpful.
  • Try Party City. Party city had professional books of invitations. My fiance and I are going to spend around 115 for invites. But my my reply card is attached to the invite and the guest just have to tear off the replied card and send it in the mail. so the replied card is kinda like a post card. Believe me Party City had some nice invites. If your on a budget go there!!
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