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Weird woman at work

So this woman on my team at work is very... eccentric? Not sure if that's the right word. She's just plain weird. Constantly cracking jokes, puns, trying so hard to be funny but falling flat. Loud talker, always brings her personal life and boyfriend up at any chance she gets (even in meetings!)

She keeps asking me about the wedding, Skyping me little things, offering to help with the invitations (she's a graphic designer)... I'm trying not to give her too many details because we aren't inviting the work crowd, not that she would be on the list anyway! I told her this, and now she keeps making jokes about being the only person from the office getting invited.

SOS - just venting, but this is starting to seriously irk me!
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Re: Weird woman at work

  • I get annoyed by anyone I'm not close to asking for details of my personal life lol. 

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  • Hahaha looks like somebody is trying to get an invite to your super awesome Las Vegas wedding! 
  • tell her thank you but no thank you I have all the help I need

  • Yesterday was her son's graduation. I sat through 10 minutes of story and photos before I excused myself. Oye!
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  • Ive had people at work do this. I told them due to the size, we arent Iinviting co worker's. I mean clearly you arent friends outside of work... why does she expect an invite?
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  • She is legitimately a weirdo. She might not even think she deserves one... she might just be fucking with me.

    She just told our boss a winning story while they were looking up one of our sites on Google Earth.
    Her boyfriend can't stand that her EX boyfriend's car is parked in front of her house when you look her house up on Google Earth. Kill me.
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  • Oh my... I would definitely not be inviting that drama to my wedding...
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