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Just a little dumbfounded tantrum

So I put some weight back on during the wedding and honeymoon. Yup, fine, it'll slough off eventually, especially with the amount of races I'm running this year. We also got a new scale from our registry as a wedding gift. I think I hate the new scale. I like my cheap Wal Mart scale that I've had for five years a million times better. Everyday I've weighed myself for a week and a half now the new one has given me the exact same weight, down to the exact same ounce. I mean, there's sooooo many factors in weight, I refuse to believe that down the ounce I haven't budged one way or another. So today I stepped on both and got a half pound difference in favor of my old scale. So, in my frustration, I grabbed two 8lb weights determined to find out which was the culprit. Turns out both are accurate. Both read 16lbs with the weights on them. WTF..?? So I pottied and tried again. Old scale was once again in my favor and new scale only budged a very, very slim margin comparatively. I DON'T UNDERSTAND! Either way, the new scale has pissed me off and I don't want to use it anymore. H can use whatever he wants, but I'm sticking to my old scale that's seemingly more sensitive and therefore makes me happier. If that new scale shows me the same weight down to the same exact fucking ounce one more day in a row I might snap it in half. Ugh. /vent. 
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entropicbeautyDreamergirl8812[Deleted User]

Re: Just a little dumbfounded tantrum

  • hahahaha 

    I know this must seriously be frustrating.. 
    But for some reason I find this post hilarious. Like.. I just picture it as a sitcom with you all pissed off and starting to weight random ish in the house.. 
    entropicbeauty[Deleted User]GlitterWitch22
  • @cnf -

    I'm sorry all I did was giggle. Especially that you went and grabbed weights ahha.

    Although I'd be super annoyed too :)
  • @Cnf2013 - sorry this is so frustrating, I often feel the same way about my scale. If both scales increased equally with the added weights, is it possible the new scale (or the old one?) just isn't properly calibrated? Maybe they're not both starting at 0.

    In the end you should use whichever scale won't give you a mental breakdown :)
  • Not offended about the giggles at all. Using hand weights is the easiest way to check for accuracy. I'll probably stick with my old scale for the time being. I like seeing my fluctuations. The fact that the new scale reads 138.4 no matter how my eating or working out has gone for a week and half without any give just seems so impossible. 
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  • Hmmm..are they in the exact same spot on the floor?  I can get five different weights on one scale if I place the scale in different areas on my bathroom floor (and it is by no means a sizable bathroom.)
  • NonosGirlNonosGirl member
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    edited June 2013
    @cnf2013 - I'm a little late to the party but I too had to giggle. FI was sitting next to me and said what's so funny, so I read your post. He says did anyone tell her she should stop weighing herself everyday... men! But seriously I do have to agree with Liatris on this one. Give yourself some credit don't let that scale get to you.

    ETA: stupid autocorrect!
  • GiaspoGiaspo member
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    Cnf, I think you need to step away from both of those scales. They only make you crazy. You are doing awesome. You are always training for a tri, today you ran a sub 1 hr 10 k, you are killing it. Killing it! Don't let the scale cheat you out of feeling good about all the awesome stuff you do.
    What she said.  
  • I do weigh myself with the scale in the same spot, on the same tile, facing the same direction, every time. I even exhale as I step on. I'm really anal about my fitness/weight/workouts. I get in weird little habits and routines. I'm going to try to not beat myself up over it. I looked pretty legit in my workout gear tonight, so I can roll with that. 
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  • ow ow! ;)  scales are stupid.  I'll have to try the exhaling, though...it's not in my weighing technique yet :)

    jokes aside, major props to you for the positive outlook tonight.  you should be super proud of yourself!
  • So here's something I'm pondering (cnf I'm totally with you on being frustrated and pissed, been there, am there still etc)- I put 2 12lb weights on my scale last week to check accuracy- it didn't pick anything up!!!!!!!  It turned the f off!!! I tried it a few times too, and on different surfaces.  It's a digital scale, it would turn on and flash when I tapped it, then it would just turn off with 24 pounds on it.  Ummm, new scale I guess??
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  • Cnf, you gotta do what you gotta do, but I agree with Lia, you're doing awesome!

  • @ptrose13 - a lot of bathroom scales won't register under a certain weight. Not registering 24lbs seems extreme, but I know my scale won't pick up anything under 10lbs.
  • Update- I'm liking my scale today...good weigh in :)  So I won't trash it yet.  Didn't have time to get on with the weights today, but I will def try Lia, thanks!
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  • @ptrose13 - What was your mfp calories that you were supposed to eat? and what did you go up to/overall net? Just curious!
  • bwils35- my current daily cals on mfp are 1450.  I've been having between 200-300 extra per day. I noticed that I was losing more consistently before mfp dropped my cals after I lost 10 lbs, and I also know that the last time I was losing a few years ago I was taking in way over the cals I am now, and I was losing more consistently and seemingly quicker (though ya know, hindsight makes things always seem easier the last time).
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