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Completing the Registry

We got married, yay!

We have started giving a little thought toward what to "complete" from our registry. Obviously we like everything on there, or we wouldn't have picked it, but I hesitate to plop down a wad of cash for everything on there. About 35% of our registry was bought (a lot more people went off registry than we anticipated), so there are quite a few things left.

So, my question: if you had one, did you "complete" your registry after the wedding? Was there anything you "had to have" that didn't end up being worth it, or anything that you passed on that you wish you had grabbed? I'm trying to gain a little perspective here.

Thanks ladies! :)

Re: Completing the Registry

  • AddieCakeAddieCake Beyond the Wall
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    We didn't complete ours b/c we were moving and decided it would be easier to just wait to get stuff after we moved and the timeframe to get any discounts passed by the time we moved. 
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  • BBB had a completion event on a Sunday evening after the store was closed, so it was all newly married couples. They had giveaways, and everything in the store was 20% off.
    We received 75% our registry in gifts, and with the event purchased 95% of what was on our registry. We were both still using cheap college stuff when we got married and we NEEDED a lot.
  • I would say about 70% of our registry was purchased (we had a relatively small registry). I bought the rest of the the cookware and the few every day china things that were outstanding. I didn't bother with anything decorative, sheets, etc that we didn't need right away. And we were gifted the accessories for the KitchenAid mixer, but not the mixer itself. I decided to exchange the accessories for cookware/dishes and hold off on the KitchenAid for awhile, since we have minimal counter space.
  • itzMSitzMS
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    We didn't do any registry completion in the least. I did return some items vs completing (we didn't get all of our placesettings, so I returned the few we did receive).
  • The only thing I would complete right away would be flatware and fine china, if we were registered for it, that way we'd have the full set. Patterns can go out of production. Everything else we'd just buy as needed or as we wanted. FI and I combined our households a while ago so we have most everything, however. If not, I'd go ahead and buy what we needed for daily survival. (linens, cookware, etc.). 
  • We completed our everyday dishes and bath towels. That was what we really needed.


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  • We need basically everything also, but are moving in about 6 months, so we have a "buy it here or there?" dilemma like Addie did.

    @cwaggoner07, how did you find out about this? 20% off sounds better than the 10% we're being offered right now at BBB!
  • We plan on doing the completion event too.  We're also registered at BBB, and they told us from day one about the completion event giving 20% off everything.  It sounds like a blast!

    When the time comes, we're going to look at what's left on our registry and decide what we REALLY need, and would need to get at BBB.  A lot of items on there would be great to have, but we're fine getting a cheaper version of a lot of them at Wal-Mart of Big Lots.  We're going to prioritize the needs vs. wants and which needs are things we need right away.  For us, that will be cooking essentials.  But even after that, BBB gives 20% coupons all the time, and we'll slowly work on buying anything else we'd like to have.

  • we plan on taking advantage of ours, but probably not buying everything left.  There are things that we put on there that would be cool to have, but are not dying to have them necessarily.  All of the things we were really looking forward to getting, we got; so nothing we "have to" have, but will especially take advantage when things go on sale. 

    We are in the process of house hunting so depending on when we move will determine how much we get in the completion stage.  Until we have a house of our own, we really are not in a hurry to buy things we cannot use yet. 

  • We plan on completing sets like our China and a bedding set we received a few pieces for so that they don't get discontinued leaving us with partial sets. Other than that, I don't think we'll be in a rush to complete the rest. We don't really NEED anything.
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