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Buffalo Creek Retreat - Help!

My fiance & I are seriously considering holding our ceremony & reception at BCR. We'll have to settle on the date because they're extremely booked, but out of all the places we've looked at and the requirements we have, this is by far the best! 

Unfortunately, we're having some communications issues with the staff. One person tells us one thing and the next person we speak with tells us something completely different! (Next time, we are going to get a name & only speak with that person in the future). There are a few questions I need answered, so if any of you had your wedding there your feedback is greatly appreciated!
  • Was the staff easy & pleasant to work with?
  • What time did you have to end the party? 
  • What were the pros/cons?
Thanks for your help!

Re: Buffalo Creek Retreat - Help!

  • Buffalo Creek Retreat in Seville yes?

    This is one of my favorite venues in the area!  It has been my experience as a vendor that they are relatively easy to work with, although I have had some confusion dealing with several different people as well.  The ending time for your event depends on you.  Most of the couples I work with book the place for the morning after as well for clean up.  Buffalo Creek is one of the cleanest venues around!  It has great space and the building is laid out very well for a wedding.  It also has an in-house sound system and video projection system that you can use if you are going to DIY your music, although it's not really built for dancing, but cocktails and dinner certainly.  Cons would be that they don't offer in-house catering, or any other services for that matter.  The day of, there really isn't anyone from Buffalo Creek that will be there, other than for emergencies or maintainance.  You are also responsible for cleanup.

    But generally, I really like Buffalo Creek and were I to host a party of my own, it would likely be there.

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