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Asking guest for final confirmation.........guest no plane ticket?

I need help! My wedding is 30 days away.......My RSVPs were sent out in May. I had 48 people to RSVP, however I only know of 29 with confirmed travel arrangements(tickets). My in-laws and some family have not purchased tickets yet. I have asked numerous times but they have not given me a complete answer for when they will purchase them. Everyone has know about this trip since October of 2012. The price of tickets or increasing by the day. My fiance say he is not worried if they don't come, but I know that is not true. Most of the confirmed guest are my family and friends and a few of his friends. I want to send an email today asking for flight itinerary and final count, so that I can pay my last payments on food and shuttles. Any Advice???

Re: Asking guest for final confirmation.........guest no plane ticket?

  • Fiance needs to pick up the phone and make a few phone calls!

    Just tell them the truth - there is last minute planning to be done and you cannot do this without a final head count. If you don't hear back from them by X, you'll assume they are not coming.

    Good luck!!

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  • My advice is to ignore it.  First and foremost, it will stress you out, as it already has, and that's not going to help you at all.  Second, they're adults, and nagging them about their travel arrangements often won't help anyway, or in some cases, will make people less likely to get it done.  The people who have to be there, like family, will get it done and if it costs them more than they had planned then sucks for them; those that wait too long and then realize they can no longer afford the travel, could possibly cancel, but that's life with a destination wedding.  We had a few cancel in the last week leading up to our wedding and my guess was it was related to not booking in time, wasn't a big deal.

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  • I would say if they have RSVP'd yes, then they know they need to get there.  

    Do your vendors need the final headcount 30 days out?  I think mine said like 4 or 5 days for the final/final count.   You could say 48 now and then update if someone's plans fall thru.  
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  • i agree w/ VG. do not ask them anymore, if they rsvp'd most of them plan to attend. yes a few will most likely cancel due to procrastination but thats not your fault, and the venue should be able to make adjustments if you notify them 7 days before the big day. my venue was willing to make head count adjustments up until the day before. half of my guests didn't book there hotel until 30 days prior. we had 48 rsvp's and only 2 cancelled the night before. we did not harass our guests about flights or hotel bookings, they are all grown up's. 
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    Agreed - my approach is that I will give people the resources to get themselves there, but if they miss the deadline on the courtesy rate or don't catch the shuttle, it is their responsibility to figure it out. There are plenty of flights and hotels and cabs in Las Vegas.
    My venue doesn't need final numbers until 48 hours, and even then they can make changes up to 3% attendance without any additional charge. Ballpark what you can and see who shows up. Isn't that part of the fun? :)
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