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Changing your name

Brittywest05Brittywest05 member
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A few of my friends on facebook got married in June and most of them changed their names before their reception even started!! So I am curious, if you are planning to change your name on social media, have you thought of when?? I will probably do mine the day after, or in the few days we have before our honeymoon. I can't imagine pulling out my iPhone right after signing our marriage license and updating my Facebook, that thought really makes me LOL.

Re: Changing your name

  • drg424drg424 member
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    Ha - yup, a friend of mine who just got married did the same!

    I will probably change myself to "married" at some point during the reception but that is just because FI has an exhausting, HPD ex who still insists on changing her FB profile and cover photos to photos of her with his family (amongst various other last-ditch efforts to cause problems/get his attention/get my attention, etc.).

    But if it were not for that, I'd probably wait until we were at the beach :)

  • Maybe the next day at the airport when I have nothing better to do?

    We laughed because it only took about 5-10 minutes for his proposal, maybe 10-20 minutes afterward to call / text family and friends, and at least 2 hours to figure out how to properly upload the pictures and change statuses on Facebook.

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  • I'm going to change my name and put "married" as soon as I'm on a computer.  That could be that night (unlikely though), the next morning, or maybe not until after the honeymoon, since we won't have internet access there.  I'll probaby use the hotel's computers the morning after to change it.  I can't wait!

    I don't know if this is still the case, but when my friends changed their names on fb, it took 24 hours for it to process and show up.  If that's still true I might be tempted to change it the night before the wedding lol

  • Hadn't really thought of it, I'm guessing we won't be going on FB at all after the ceremony so we'll probably change to 'married' the next day.
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  • I will probably change it the day after or while we are waiting at the airport
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  • MrsH86MrsH86 member
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    I plan to change it at the alter, immediately after our first kiss!!! Haha just kidding but I think I might at the reception because I am THAT excited!!! I might snap a quick photo and tag my new "husband"!!
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  • Hehehe. I was just thinking about this earlier today. I feel really silly and petty for saying this, but I am probably going to get on FB on my phone during the reception and change my name and relationship status. I seriously can't wait to look at my profile and see "Chelsea New Last Name" and "Married to FI". And like drg FI has some crazy ass exes and I can't wait for them to see it also. LOL.
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  • FI is not on social media sites so changing it to married wont matter, although I will still change it. I don't even know how to change my name, lol. But I will probably be taking a quick photo of us and posting it
  • I think the next day will suffice for me. :)
  • Ditto @chels&;jimmy lol I am just so excited to see my new last name on Facebook. Petty, yes, oh well. ;)
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  • I'll probably do it while we're hanging out with everyone after the reception. Ours is over at 6, and then we're having an afterparty, where, traditionally, we grill outside and have a pinata. I'm not kidding, haha! Good times ;)
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