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18 days!

anybody else ignoring their bridal party? i just...CAN'T.

sidebar: i did a trial run on pomanders and they turned out BEAUTIFUL! everything's on track for now. i still need shoes (i can't wear heels :( ), gotta buy hair, meet and finalize plans/timelines with my MUAs and i think that's it. oh, and i'm going to make my broom.

i've been ultra overwhelmed for the last 2 weeks or so, but i'm hanging in there.

i can't wait to go on our honeymoon!

how's everyone else holding up?
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Re: 18 days!

  • I'm looking forward to our honeymoon as well. I feel
    So far behind on my to do list but I'm not going to let it stress me
  • Sounds like you are holding up on your to do list though.
    Where y'all going for the honeymoon?
  • I'm also looking forward to the honeymoon. I'm ready to be packed lol
  • we're going to Montego Bay :D

    i was feeling very behind--especially if you look at the timeline on this site (it'll drive you crazy lol) but the best thing to do is focus on 2 or 3 things on your list to complete that week and use the weekends to decompress and connect with your man. as time draws closer, you'll feel yourself shutting down and that's ok. you just need some ME time.
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  • Soo understand.. but u got this!!!
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