Picture Perfect beaches near Kailua-Kona

I am getting married in ONE week! Yay! We leave for Hawaii on Saturday. I am getting so excited! 

I am looking for recommendations for beaches to do a Trash the Dress Shoot. I am looking for some nice sand and definitely some palm trees, not too terribly far from Kailua Kona, but willing to drive. We are doing a shoot on Friday morning, so hopefully the will not be too crowded.

Also, I know most of the waterfalls are on the opposite side, but any suggestions on easy access waterfalls for some pictures?

Cant wait~!

Re: Picture Perfect beaches near Kailua-Kona

  • Congrats on the upcoming wedding! I just returned from my Maui wedding, and we had our honeymoon in Kona.. Unfortunately since Kona is so much of a "lava" area, there are not a lot of traditional sand beaches.  A lot of it is black sand, or more rock.  However, right in Kona there is a small beach called Magic Sands or White Sand Beach.  This would probably be one of the better places in Kona to get actual nice sand, and there are also some palm trees.  It was pretty crowded when we went on a Monday, but if you go early in the morning it might be better.  Other than that, I don't remember a lot of sand in Kona.  Hope that helps some!
  • Thanks for the reply. I know Kona is mostly lava rock, and from my experiences, all of the beaches in downtown Kona are very crowded. But I also know farther north the beaches are beautiful... just havent been there before. Trying to sort through all of the photos I have found of amazing beaches. Like I said, we are willing to drive to get to a great location. 

    Anyone else have any recommendations?
  • KiMA3KiMA3 member
    If you are willing to drive a bit further up north, maybe the Waikoloa area? I went a little further than that in April to Hapuna Beach and it was a gorgeous stretch of white sand and palm trees, but it gets busy during the day. Hope this helps!
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