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Maryland Chinese Brides?

Are there any recommendations for good authentic Cantonese food and style for chinese resturants that are large enough to hold the banquet reception besides New Fortune in Gaithersburg, MD? 

We are not looking for anything in Virginia, or in the District of Columbia. Please help!! Thanks!! 

Re: Maryland Chinese Brides?

  • Also if there are any recommendations for where to find the red invitations with the chinese calligraphy writing, please feel free to post! I don't mind ordering online as long as there is a good reputation with the company. 

  • That is a great question. Most of the ones I know through my family are in Arlington, VA, etc.

    Silver spirng has a great dim sum place and they seem decent.  Called Great Wall I believe? That might be a lead.  It is locatd on East-West Highway.
  • China Garden Restaurant in Rossyln is a very popular Chinese wedding banquet/reception location.
  • Sorry to hijack the thread...

    Do any of you have any recommendations for makeup artist and hair stylist familair with Chinese face/hair?

  • Susan Lim is a DC Metro area make up artist. You can also find her on Facebook.
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