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Hi Ladies, New to the October 2014 Bride to be Excitement!

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Hi there my name is Nitsia, I live in Texas, just wanted to say a quick hello, to all the Fall 2014 brides, my fiance and I have pretty much narrowed down the date to October 11th 2014, been out to see a few venues over this past weekend after a few months of back and forth debates of destination weddings or local, we should be zeroing on contracts and deposits in the next few weeks. Hope to exchange great threads and ideas with you all. Happy Planning to all! Hope you all have a productive week! : ) 

Re: Hi Ladies, New to the October 2014 Bride to be Excitement!

  • Hi Nitsia! Congrats on your engagement! My fiance and I wanted to get married on the 11th, but the venue we loved was booked for that day already so we picked the 12th.  Where in Texas are you getting married? It'll be great in the Fall out there.  We also had the destination wedding/local wedding and decided that we're having a destination and local wedding. Lol.  90% of our guests will be coming from about 8hours + away, so it's like a destination wedding for them and a local wedding for us and I don't have all of that stress of planning a wedding so far away. Good luck with your planning. 
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  • Hi there Ashwise, thanks for being the first to respond to my first post on here. : )  I live in a subburb of Austin TX, growing up in Miami, my vision has alwasy been a Beach wedding, so I was considering Port Aransas or Galveston, but haggling back and forth I think I found the best of both worlds, God willing I will be able to get the venue that I want which is a lovely golf country club with an infinity pool that spills into lake LBJ and it's just really nice. That way I can have my local friend attend without the added cost of them traveling to my venue. Although I am not expecting more that 50 or so people, it will be a very intimate small ceremony/reception. Yes the Fall here is very nice, we were considering the Summer but it hit 108 here over the weekend, so we are definitely sticking with the Fall. Thanks and Happy planning to you as well.
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    Happy planning and welcome! All the girls here are great and if you have any questions, feel free to ask :D


  • Thanks I appreciate that! : )

  • Hey Nitsia!

    Congrats and welcome to our board :)

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  • Congratulations! Can't wait to hear about planning your day and the marriage!
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  • Thank you ladies, the only thing I have done thus far is put a deposit down on my ceremony site, which I am completely syked about, YAY! I have read where some ladies on here have most of everything done, Jeez Louise, I have some catching up to do.   http://www.averyranchgolf.com/wedding_gallery/wedding_gallery.htm
  • hello -- noob here. i have to say....a little overwhelmed but excited about planning our wedding! the date is probably october 18 -- trying to work out the best date with immediate family around the world. have nothing done yet (we just got engaged) and just scanning the knot got me dizzy! LOL! just wanted to say hello! looking forward to getting a little more involved!
  • Welcome, woohoo :)

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  • Congrats and welcome to the family! I love the other ladies on this thread.  Everyone is so nice. :)

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  • Welcome girls! <3 

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